WWE News: WWE NXT To Start Touring Internationally Next Year?

It's being said everywhere, but WWE NXT is the hottest product in professional wrestling. Along with the newest batch of NXT recruits, Uhaa Nation is involved and already spoke with WWE.com about his progress and what he needs to learn. Nation also spoke about what WWE NXT opponents he wants to face. Finn Balor and Kevin Owens are two examples of potential feuds for Nation.

The bigger news is that WWE NXT is going to get bigger. It's already being deemed the third brand of WWE, but they are about to break barriers. Never has a WWE's developmental system toured outside of their home. WWE NXT already completed live shows in California and Ohio. WWE NXT is about to go global. According to E-Wrestling News, WWE NXT may go international as soon as next year.

"William Regal said during one of his recent one-man shows in the UK (via the Wrestling Observer) thatNXT will be running NXT shows internationally within the next eighteen months. WWE runs international tours with the main roster a few times a year, and it's possible that they could bring an NXT crew along with them for the shows."

As of right now, the WWE hasn't officially commented on the situation. If they do end up traveling overseas to tour, WWE NXT will become even bigger than WWE Smackdown. That's saying a lot right now because WWE NXT is only on the WWE Network, but they seem to have a following larger than WWE Smackdown. Unless the WWE officials make Smackdown equal to WWE Raw, WWE NXT will surpass them on viewership.

Recently, WWE NXT has continued to put on great shows. Two nights ago, Dana Brooke made her WWE NXT debut as she faced off against Blue Pants. Blue Pants, a current Indy wrestler, carried the match, as Brooke is still green in the ring. Brooke does have natural charisma, so that will give her an edge on some of the competition.

If WWE NXT tours internationally, the reaction they would get from the London crowd would be deafening. A lot of places in Europe love their professional wrestling, and the WWE has the financial backing to make it work. It will come down to Triple H if he wants to tour outside of the United States.

Finn Balor, Neville, and Hideo Itami, three of the five members of the NXT 5, are from overseas. Just a reaction by them alone would cause the WWE to back the international trip.

[Image via wrestlezone.com]