StumbleRead brings Stumbleupon style page viewing to FriendFeed

StumbleRead is a new FriendFeed service that brings StumbleUpon style page viewing to FriendFeed.

The service from Adam Loving is simple to use. Users enter their FriendFeed id and API key, and are then presented with their FriendFeed feed in a left frame. Starting from the top, the service automatically stumbles from one page mentioned in a users FriendFeed stream to the next. Users can also scroll down their feed and select the pages they wish to view by clicking on them.

The service doesn't leave out other FriendFeed features, and supports comments and liking. One particularly nice feature is the ability to like or comment on the shown page using shortcut keys, as well as using the keyboard for navigation.

StumbleRead isn't going to replace the FriendFeed website, or other FriendFeed API driven sites (such as NoiseRiver), but for those times you'd like to sit back and enjoy the content linked on FriendFeed in full, with minimal interaction (like StumbleUpon), the service is perfect. It's also a bonus for content creators who will see increased page views as more people use StumbleRead. If you're a FriendFeed fan, definitely worth a look.