Giant African Spurred Tortoise Taken For Daily Walks By World's Most Patient Pet Owner

The world's most patient pet-owner has been revealed after an image of an elderly man in Tokyo taking his tortoise for a walk went viral.

Reddit users soon started to share the image across the world wide web, which depicted the unknown man patiently walking alongside the African spurred tortoise in the Tsukishima neighborhood in Tokyo. Various other images then emerged, which suggests that it's a daily ritual for the man.

The African spurred tortoise was even dressed to impress as its owner had dressed him in a frilly, pink dress. The man and his tortoise were snapped by dozens of people as he strolled through the streets.

Rocket News 24 have alleged that the man and his adorable and well attired pet have even been seen walking as far away as the Ginza neighborhood, which is quite a trek away from his starting point of Tsukishima. Especially when you consider that this distance of around 2.5 miles, which doesn't include the return journey, had to be conducted with arguably the slowest member of the animal kingdom.

Reddit users were quick to make various quips about the various pictures have emerged. Tmacman wrote, "The guy was young when they left," while the rather horribly named squid_fart simply teased, "The tortoise and no hair."

This tortoise owner did a much better job of looking after his pet than an Indian man who was arrested after he was photographed standing on top of a 120-year-old tortoise.

What made it even worse was that 24-year-old Fazal Shaik did this just so he could see how many Facebook "likes" he would get. Because of this offence he faced up to six months in prison.

[Image via FuzFeed]