WWE News: Big Update On WWE Tag Team Division, Lucha Dragons Set To Lead Division Soon?

WWE has been known to have a good tag team division over the years. Sadly, however, the tag division has declined. While WWE has attempted to bring it back here and there, it just wasn’t good enough to stick around and make a big impact. Now that the Usos are out for a bit due to Jey’s injury, it brings about another issue for the WWE. However, WWE is lucky this time around, as WWE NXT has a lot of great tag teams that the company can use.

WWE brought up two of them so far in The Ascension and Lucha Dragons. While The Ascension hasn’t worked out well, the Lucha Dragons have been a huge hit since arriving. WWE also brought back the Prime Time Players to aid the division, and the tag team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd has proven their worth too. Now Vince McMahon has pretty much decided to revamp things and bring back the tag division. This is the first time in a long time that McMahon himself is involved in such a move.

According to Daily Wrestling News, the Lucha Dragons are being pushed for two reasons. The first is due to the Usos being out of commission for a bit. The second is because WWE wants to push them to the top of the division. Kalisto and Sin Cara have proven themselves in NXT and on the main roster since their arrival, and the company has taken notice. It is believed that WWE has so much faith in them that they feel they can give good matches to Cesaro and Tyson Kidd and could be good tag team champions down the line.

Vince feels that the Lucha Dragon gimmick works quite well, and he sees how over they are and is willing to give them whatever push needed since he knows fans want to see it. So basically, the Lucha Dragons came up at an excellent time and got over at the right time as well. Between The Usos going down and their great work since coming up, the Dragons have an excellent opportunity coming.

The Lucha Dragons are just different enough to stick out, but they also have the ability to work with anyone. So WWE can use them in a variety of ways with a variety of teams. However, we’ll probably see Cesaro/Kidd vs. The Dragons for the next few months.

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