Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Reportedly Have A Wild Sex Life — He Inspires Her To Write Love Songs Again

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ relationship appears to be steaming up. The couple reportedly has an active and wild sex life, according to some sources. Taylor is trying to make as much time for Calvin in the bedroom before she embarks on her 1989 tour in May, according to a new Hollywood Life report.

Swift, 25, and Harris, 31, have insane chemistry, especially when it comes to the bedroom. The couple has only been dating for a month, but it seems like they can’t keep their hands off each other. An alleged source spoke to the Hollywood Life about Swift and Harris’ wild sex life. The “Blank Space” singer loves spending all night in bed with the “Summer” DJ.

“[Calvin] comes over and they will stay up talking, and may even start watching a movie–but things get steamy pretty quickly. Neither one of them are getting much sleep as they stay up till 4, 5 in the morning getting it on. If they don’t have work they sleep in, eat and then go at it some more.”

Taylor can’t believe that she’s with the incredibly sexy DJ. She is allegedly turned on by him every time they hang out together.

“Taylor thinks Calvin is so so incredibly sexy. She thinks he’s by far the sexiest man she’s ever been with. They only one who came close was John Mayer but she was such a kid back then she didn’t know what she was doing.”

Swift finally feels in control of her sexuality, thanks to her new boyfriend. It’s probably why the singer did a sexy performance of “Ghostown” with Madonna at the 2015 iHeart Radio Awards. Swift even feels her self-esteem skyrocketing since being with Harris.

“Now that she’s older, she really loves being intimate with a man like Calvin. He makes her feel so beautiful and attractive. She even has crazy sex fantasies about him when they are apart. Things are only getting hotter too, so she can’t wait to see whats next. To be honest, she is open to doing things she has never done before because Calvin makes her feel so safe.”

Her new boyfriend is also inspiring her to write love songs again, according to another Hollywood Life report. It’s the first time in a long time that the singer has been in love and she wants to express those feelings through her music.

“This is the first time in so long that Taylor’s felt this way. She’s very excited about Calvin. She’s already started writing little things down. He’s making her want to write love songs and he’s restoring her faith in men, so she’s very happy she gave him a chance.”

Even though Taylor wants to write love songs again, a new report from OK Magazine says that “he doesn’t want her to do that to him.” Calvin is also reportedly banning her from writing songs about their relationship. It doesn’t sound like the singer-songwriter has anything bad to say about him though.

Taylor Swift’s best friend, Jamie King, approves of their relationship. The actress spoke with E! News at Wednesday night’s premiere of the Christian Dior documentary Dior and I. When asked about Swift’s new beau Calvin Harris, King had very little to say but she was obviously happy for her friend.

“He’s a wonderful man. He’s a beautiful man.”

King is not the only one who approves of Swift’s new relationship. Rumored boyfriend, Ed Sheeran, also gave the couple his “seal of approval,” according to the news source.

“He’s cool. He’s really a nice guy. A really, really nice guy. I’d give the seal of approval. There are certain people that are just nice people in the industry. I met him probably like a year ago, maybe a year and a half. Good guy…really, really good guy.”

Taylor previously told The Telegraph that she would become a cat lady and be single forever.

“Let’s be honest. No one’s going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it.”

Swift may not be single forever, but she’s still very much a cat lady. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer might adopt another cat after the success of her 1989 album. She might have to wait until after her world tour to adopt one though.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ relationship? Do you approve of it?

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