Charmander Tattoo The Worst? Drunk Man Gives Himself Awful Tattoo, Pic Goes Viral

A man’s new Charmander tattoo might just be the worst ever of its kind.

According to NewsMax, a 27-year-old man got drunk one night, and decided to give himself a tattoo. He really wanted a Charmander on his stomach apparently, so he drew the Pokémon species to the right of his belly button. What he ended up with, however, is far from what the creature actually looks like. And now he is stuck with this tattoo that has been made fun of all over the internet this week.

Reports indicate that the man took Xanax (an anti-anxiety med), and had a couple of drinks before making his not-so-epic decision. According to NewsOXY, the inked man thought it was a great idea whilst he was doing it (how he actually did it is still unclear), but woke up the next morning unhappy. His friend (who did the world a great service by posting a photo of the finished ink job online) says that he tried to stop this from happening, but he couldn’t.

The Charmander tattoo is being called “the worst tattoo” ever, which many people feel is a bit extreme. There have been tattoos that are far worse, but this one definitely makes the list.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the internet has been having a ton of fun with this news.

“Apparently an internet search will afford you pictures of T-shirts which have already been created in honor of this terrible… ink art. It is also well on its way to becoming a meme, and, if you act fast, you can get yourself a commemorative mug.”

Do you think the Charmander tattoo is the worst ever? Is it the worst recreated drawing of a fictional character that you’ve seen drawn by an adult?

[Photo via Twitter]