Apple Fans Outraged As MacBook Shows Up At Best Buy Before Apple Store

Apple’s new MacBook was supposed to be available last Friday, April 10. Unfortunately, only display models showed up at Apple Store retail locations. If you tried to order from Apple’s site, most configurations of the MacBook wouldn’t ship for at least a couple of weeks.

Those who wanted to physically buy the MacBook were upset. However, to add salt to the wounds, the MacBook became available (although in small quantities) at Best Buy earlier this week. One could also order the device from the Best Buy website and receive it the next day. At the MacRumors forum, people were pretty upset.

“Maybe Apple shouldn’t advertise the 10th as available if it’s not available to purchase in the store on the 10th. Maybe just saying it’s available for pre-order is a better way to go and is more technically accurate and responsible,” said user AdonisSMU.

“I am glad for you guys that are getting them early. I never liked this online only policy, but I have to admit it surprises me that Best Buy is selling them earlier than Apple. I can’t imagine Apple would be pleased if they knew,” said user wickedwahine11.

“It truly is utterly laughable that Best Buy would have an Apple laptop for sale before Apple stores. How ironic is that? When I pick mine up Thursday I’m going to tell the rep it was on sale at BBs since Tuesday,” said user Hankster.

Susie Ochs of Macworld was pretty upset when she wanted to buy the MacBook in person last Friday at an Apple Store.

“The new MacBook is out today, if by ‘out’ you mean ‘pretty much in hiding.’ You can order one online, but if you were hoping to actually get one in your hot little hands today, you may find yourself disappointed. At least I did. I have spent the morning calling around to every Apple Store in the Bay Area, and they have all explained, very politely, that I can place an order online or over the phone, but I can’t actually go to the store today and pick one up.”

Susie ended up ordering the space gray MacBook model, with the earliest home delivery time of April 16–20, including a $10 rush shipping upcharge. That was last Friday. Delivery times at Apple’s website for most configurations of the MacBook have been pushed back at least a couple of weeks. Perhaps Ms. Ochs should have just headed over to her local Best Buy. It almost seems, at times, that Apple takes their customers for granted.

The MacBook itself has received mixed reviews. Most say that the design is incredible, but the price is too high and the device only has one USB Type-C port. Apple’s new MacBook certainly represents the future of computing, but let’s hope that customers will easily be able to buy the device sometime in the near future.

[Photo Credit: Daryl Deino]