Restaurant Owner Issues Epic Apology After Banning ‘Small Screaming Children’

A restaurant owner has issued an epic apology to his customers after he wrote a Facebook post banning “small screaming children” from his restaurant.

Richard Moore, the owner of The Lobster Pound and Moore in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, took to Facebook on Sunday night to voice his outrage over young children upsetting fellow customers.

“Effective as of now, we will no longer allow small screaming children. We are an adult themed restaurant that caters to those who enjoy food and are out to enjoy themselves. We understand this may upset some, but after careful consideration, we feel it’s best for those enjoy, appreciate, and understand our business.”

Moore’s comments did not sit well with his customers, and he soon received more backlash than he bargained for. Members of the Cape Breton Island community took to Facebook to protest the restaurant. Some even spoke to local news outlets.

On Monday, the original post had been deleted by Moore and an apology had been put in its place.

“First, my apologies for my previous post.I chose the wrong words to convey a message I didn’t want. I love kids and would have them if I could. I shouldn’t have used the word screaming but should have said something like ‘Lil diners having a moment.’

“I should have thought it out alot better and I know I’ve lost some of you. I can’t take it back but I can try again. Special needs? No problem.let us know so we can plan. We understand first hand conditions such as autism.

“I never considered the hate and threats it would bring against not only me but those I love and for that I’m truly sorry. I know some may find this silly but I love cape Breton and moved home to give back. I’ve disappointed you and myself. I will do better even if you don’t give me the chance. I was trying to be different and the “go to ” happening place.”

Even though Moore apologized, some patrons were still visibly upset.

“They still don’t want screaming children there,” Hannah McKay, a mother of two, told CBC News. “I just think they didn’t want to feel like they, you know, alienated every family on the Northside or in Sydney. If it doesn’t want my kids there, why would they want me there?”

Others have taken to Facebook in support of Moore’s decision.

“I’d like to see more such restaurants only allow well-behaved patrons,” one user wrote. “Until our grandchildren are old enough, we restrict their dining experiences to family-oriented places.”

Do you think Moore should be allowed to ban “small screaming children” from his restaurant? Would you dine at The Lobster Pound and Moore? Leave your comments below.

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