Queen’s Brian May Calls David Cameron A Gross Indecency: ‘How Can He Live With Himself’

Queen’s Brian May is not just a guitar hero responsible for some of the best riffs known to man, he’s also something of a political animal, and the poodle haired rocker has been getting vocal recently about David Cameron and the Tory Party.

In fact, he referred to the U.K’s Prime Minister as being guilty of gross indecency and demanded that Cameron explain to the Queen guitarist, and presumably to the rest of the British population, just how he can live with himself.

If all that sounds a bit strong coming from an affable chap more renowned for fingering the fret and rocking the crowds at Queen concerts, it’s because May is spearheading a campaign called Common Decency.

Taking as its starting point that politicians routinely lie, democracy has effectively broken down, austerity is a nonsense, and that Britain is riddled with unfairness and inequality and in the vice-like grip of an elite group of rich, privileged, and connected tyrants, Common Decency’s main aim is a complete reform of the Parliamentary system.

You’ve got to hand it to May: as goals go, it’s a bold one, and the Queen guitarist is to be applauded for having a go in an age of apathy. But how are one rock star and a campaign called Common Decency going to change the political landscape of Great Britain?

Well firstly, they believe by consigning the two-party system to history you’ll radically change the composition of the U.K’s government.

“In any issue deemed of high importance to the Party’s future MPs are not allowed to vote for what they feel is right. They are routinely threatened with the withdrawal of privileges and manipulated by ‘carrots’ of opportunities for promotion within the Party. We believe that Democracy is castrated right there.

“We want to see a Parliament which is no longer dominated by two or three major parties so they can no longer force issues against the will of us, the people.”

Brian May and Common Decency believes such an ideal is achievable by doing the opposite of Russell Brand, and encouraging more and more people to vote. The believe If people vote in huge numbers for a variety of candidates at the forthcoming General Election, it is hoped in the words of Brian May, that it’ll, “Overturn the rotten status quo and give us back our democracy.”

“Our dream is to produce a result at the next election which will effectively bring in a multi-party system instead – a House of Commons filled with individuals who regardless of their ‘colour’ (political affiliation) will serve their constituents and their moral conscience first, and their own self-interest and future political ‘career’ last.”

The Queen guitarist points out the Common Decency is not a political party and it’s not a religion, it’s just simply common, and well, decent.

“I’ve said that Common Decency is a seed, planted in the hope that it will grow into a massive tree which will stand at the centre of a new and more compassionate society, one in which decisions are made on the basis of morals rather than self-interest. We want to offer what we believe nobody else is offering – HOPE.”

(Image Via Matt Cardy/Getty Images)