Woman Who Lost 250 Pounds Due To Chronic Crohn’s Disease Says She Wants To Be Fat Again

While the majority of obese women would be thrilled to lose a staggering 250 pounds, 20-year-old Amelia-Jane Harris from Chelmsley Wood in the UK says she wishes she was fat again.

Harris, who now weighs a mere 121 pounds, dropped the weight due to a chronic and painful case of Crohn’s disease, which has her doubled over in pain most days, and is a nightmare to live with.

As well as now being malnourished due to the Crohn’s, Harris said she is unable to work, as her fingernails, eyebrows and hair all fall out regularly.

As she told reporters,

Sometimes it feels like really severe stomach cramps, but I also get really bad stabbing pains that won’t go away. I get no enjoyment out of food anymore. Eating feels like a chore because I know it’s going to cause me pain. It seems pointless to make a healthy meal because I’ll just throw it up. With strong painkillers I can cope, but it feels like a curse – I’m going to have to take this medication for the rest of my life.

Harris said she enjoyed a happy childhood in general, even though she was mocked at school for being large, “I ate whatever mum gave me, which was healthy because she was always watching her weight. As my waistline expanded, my confidence shrank and it wasn’t until I left school – and the bullies – behind me that I stopped worrying about my size. At college, I ate what I wanted and although I reached nearly 28 stone, I still made an effort with my clothes, hair and make-up. Fat didn’t have to mean ugly.”

Having made peace with the fact she was a large woman, Harris said she began to feel ill after her 17th birthday, “I started vomiting 10 times a day. I just couldn’t keep anything down. Within 20 months I’d lost more than 18st. It didn’t make any sense to me and I was terrified,” she said.

Harris hasn’t consumed any junk food for the best part of three years now, and is on a strict diet of boiled meat and vegetables, “I know it sounds unbelievable, but I’d give anything to be 27 stone again. This time last year I held down four jobs, but now I’m too ill to work. Being curvy is part of what it means to be a girl. I had that before, but now I just look like a boy,” she complained.

[Image credit: metro.co.uk]