Lana Del Rey’s Odd Record Store Day Tribute: 2015 Vinyl Top 10

Just in time for Record Store Day 2015, Lana Del Rey is breaking through the top 10 vinyl record sales charts. Although Lana Del Rey is not featured on the Record Store Day website, new statistics show that maybe she should be a bigger part of the annual vinyl record celebration.

In addition to breaking through as a fashion icon for festivals, Lana Del Rey is making her mark in vinyl record history. Announced by Billboard Magazine, Lana Del Rey’s album Born To Die is among others breaking historic records for vinyl album sales. They state that the trend for vinyl records has been steadily on the rise over the past five years, and the first quarter of 2015 had particularly high sales.

For example, the sales for January to March of 2015 were 53-percent higher than the same quarter in 2014. The Nielsen Report was responsible for collecting the data, and they state that Lana Del Rey’s album Born to Die sold 81,000 vinyl record copies in the first quarter of 2015.

By comparison, The Beatles’ Abbey Road sold 172,000 vinyl records in the first quarter of 2015, and Mumford and Sons’ Sigh No More sold 110,00. Just below Lana Del Rey on the top 10 vinyl records sales chart is Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue with 75,000.

How profitable are vinyl record sales that include modern artists like Lana Del Rey? According to Billboard, “In March, the RIAA noted that vinyl had contributed $320.8 million in revenue in the U.S. last year, 50-percent up from the $213.7 million generated in 2013.”

Do fans think the Lana Del Rey vinyl choice is worth it? Fans have gone so far as to post videos of their Lana Del Rey vinyl record box opening — and have a long list of comments about her record online.

For instance, Urban Outfitters’ review section for Lana Del Rey’s vinyl version of Born to Die includes, “Just when i thought her voice couldn’t get more flawless, her voice proved to be even more flawless on vinyl. It’s amazing.”

Another reviewer also highly recommends Lana Del Rey on vinyl and says, “Lana Del Rey was made for vinyl. This album is amazing and a great purchase. I highly recommend to any Lana lovers or people looking for new iconic artists.”

On Amazon, Lana Del Rey’s vinyl Born to Die has a 75-percent approval rating out of 866 reviewers. One reviewer states, “Great sound on this album, Lana’s songs are dark and sultry, and on vinyl they sound even richer.”

Does anyone have anything negative to say about Lana Del Rey on vinyl? On her one-star Amazon reviews for Born to Die, it is clear that the buyers are not upset with how Lana Del Rey’s music sounds — but with the quality of the vinyl.

With that in mind, one tip for buying Lana Del Rey vinyl on 2015’s Record Store Day on Saturday, April 18 is to watch out for scratched used vinyl and the occasional warped records.

[Feature image via Glynis S. A. Carpenter/Getty Images.]