Beyonce Song Wardrobe Malfunction During An Epic Lap Dance At NMMU University Pageant

During a talent showcase at a university pageant, one student chose to perform a lap dance on another student while Beyonce’s “Dance For You” song played. However, what happened next is shocking and didn’t stop her performance.

The girl’s name is Xatyiswa Ntombie Mofokeng. Yet, many are just referring to her as the “NMMU girl” via social media platforms. While Beyonce’s song played in the background, the video starts with her setting up the intimacy between her and the other student. From across the stage at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, the Xatyiswa began to make her way over to the student, seductively.

Similar to Beyonce’s dance moves, she performed a series of tasteful maneuvers. As of yet, no wardrobe malfunction had occurred. All was still in tact. The NMMU girl was dressed in an all-white one-piece bathing suit. Likewise to some of Beyonce’s looks, she had quite a resemblance to the songstress’ essence, even down to the full-fro she wore in Austin Powers 2. And as from her partner’s reactions, he was saying “Yeah, Baby!” to what happened next.

As the NMMU girl’s dance moves increased to Beyonce‘s song, the crowd cheered as she wowed the spectators. Then, as she bent over while on her knees, the one-piece began to come apart, in her crotch area. She rolled over, got up and continued the more complex moves… until finally, it snapped.

At this point, the NMMU girl’s crotch is fully exposed during the performance. However, did she stop her performance? No. She actually played off the crowd’s berserk-ness and used the wardrobe malfunction to her advantage. She danced for, approximately, two more minutes after the malfunction occurred.

Since the NMMU girl’s performance, she’s received both criticism and applause for her pageant dance. Many have commented and tweeted about the amount of confidence it took for her to continue the dance, even though her private areas were totally exposed.

Naysayers, however, have possibly caused the dancer to restrict her Facebook profile since the event.

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[Photo Credits: YouTube]