Chrissy Teigen Called A C***k, Shares Racist Encounter On Twitter

Chrissy Teigen’s Thursday morning sure was an interesting one. While taking a stroll down Santa Monica Boulevard, the Thai-Norwegian model encountered the unexpected.

On Twitter, Teigen related her unlikely experience to 710,000 followers. She started off by tweeting, “I dropped my sunglasses this AM on Santa Monica blvd and this seemingly normal looking dude screamed ‘f—–g ch-nk always dropping s–t.'”

The model continued, “Like that’s not even a stereotype. Get your s–t together. What a bad racist.”

The man could’ve been targeting anyone on the street but he sent out another blast that confirmed he was directing his statements to Teigen. The model wrote, “We were the only ones on the block and he screamed it from 5 feet away. Then when I acknowledged it he said ‘oh now the oriental can hear.'”

Teigen’s tweets got quick responses from her fellow celebrities. Producer-slash-actress Mindy Kaling laughed it off and even humorously extended her congratulations to John Legend’s wife. Kaling responded, “What?! That’s an insanely hilarious new racism I’ve never heard of before. Congrats, sociologically.”

Parks and Recreation star Retta also joked about wanting to meet this certain “seemingly normal looking dude.” She wrote, “Do you think you could get me his number? He seems fun.”

However, some weren’t pleased like actress Emmy Rossum who clearly expressed that she wouldn’t put up with a racist. On Twitter, she told Teigen, “He’s lucky I wasn’t there. I have no tolerance for intolerance. It wouldn’t have been pretty.”

Despite having an odd start to her day, Teigen managed to just brush it off. She took the incident with humor and jokingly warned her Twitter followers to avoid the offensive racist she ran into. She tweeted, “Anyhoo, that was my morning! If you see a guy in weho wearing a brown suit jacket and jeans, probably avoid eye contact.”

[Image via Getty Images]