K. Michelle Wins $65M Defamation Lawsuit Against Her, Memphitz Blames Black Women For Losing In Court

Memphitz is still in disbelief as the court ruled in favor of his ex-girlfriend K. Michelle, Mona Scott-Young, and Viacom.

Back in September 5, 2012, the former Jive Records executive filed a $65 million defamation suit against his ex-lover and the people behind the show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. According to Memphitz, K. Michelle and the network wrongly accused him of domestic violence and embezzlement. For this, he demanded $50 million for punitive damages and another $15 million for compensatory damages.

Unfortunately, Memphitz will not be seeing a single cent of the $65 million that he sued for. Just yesterday, news broke out that the defamation suit has been dismissed based on the grounds that the former executive cannot prove that the allegations raised against him were false.

Although online sources point out that Memphitz admitted to some claims against him, his social media accounts revealed that he never copped to any of them. He tried defending himself on his Instagram posts although he eventually deleted some of them. Despite scrubbing his Instagram account clean, some online sources were able to get a hold of his deleted rants.

somebody must’ve got paideezy unda the tableeezy. & im gonna prove it. #RUNotEntertained?… https://t.co/PzGDlVrKJS

— TheRealMeMpHiTz (@MeMpHiTz) April 11, 2015

In one of his posts, Memphitz vented.

“For the record, I never admitted to anything regarding this case because I didn’t do one thing I was accused of. I called the police, I filed the four-year lawsuit. Never met the judge. But I guess I look the part right? We a sad people. When it’s your son, brother, nephew or father being lied on, take it like a man. You seem to be cool with it. See ya when it’s your turn. Not looking for your approval or pity. Just letting to whom it may concern know that… I know how you won and Instagram comments ain’t gon save none of ya. See ya around.”

In the last statement of his post, Memphitz hinted that something fishy went on that is why his ex and the network won the case. He also elicited some angry reactions when he posted some statements on social media blaming black women for the destruction of black men.

On Twitter, he tried to clarify himself by saying that only certain black women are to be blamed. He wrote, “Lol. Not all black women. Just the ones that are evil. Gimme kisses.” Clearly, Memphitz was referring to his ex-lover Michelle.

[Image via kmichellemusic Instagram, therealmemphitz Instagram]