Walmart Employee Arrested For Admitting To Stealing $240,000 From Store Where She Worked

According to Fox News, a 51-year-old Walmart employee is accused of stealing $240,000 from the store where she had been employed since 1982. Nacina Walker was arrested in what police called the biggest theft case they have ever handled of this nature.

Investigators reported that the alleged thefts occurred sometime between January 2013 and October 2014. Walker had been stealing from Walmart for so long she couldn’t recall exactly when she started. During the investigation, it was determined that the employee stole $71,000 in cash and $14,800 in money orders from August 2014 to October 2014, just before she was caught.

The 33-year Walmart employee allegedly created fake returns and stole the refunds while working in the company’s cash department. This added up over the years even though she started taking small amounts at first. She reportedly took $50 at the beginning of the theft. When she thought the retail giant hadn’t noticed the missing money, she began to take more. She was stealing up to $8,000 or more per day when the theft was finally discovered. She said once she starting taking money with her scheme, she couldn’t stop.

CBS says Walker stole over $224,000 in cash and $14,800 in money orders while working at the Decatur Walmart cash office. When Walmart store managers discovered the thefts, Walker was confronted. She admitted the whole thing. In a written statement, Walker said she was on a salary cap, and she stole the money for medical bills, her husband’s business, and to care for her elderly parents.

Walker, who had worked at Walmart since she was in high school, was fired and arrested by local police. She was charged with a first-degree felony for Theft of Property greater than $200,000. The former Walmart employee was released from the Wise County jail after a $30,000 bond was posted. Detectives say Walker faces anywhere from five-to-99 years in prison for the first-degree felony.

Over the years, there have been thefts in some of the Walmart stores around the country, but none of them have been as big as this one.

People in Walker’s community could not believe it when they heard about the thefts and Walker’s arrest. Her attorney told her not to discuss the case with anyone. She has a new job because someone in the community was willing to give her a second chance. Her new boss said he has known Walker and her family for a long time, and he trusts her.

[Image via WFAA]