Andrew O’Clee: Cheating Husband Is Found With An Entire Second Family — See How He Was Caught

Some husbands cheat on their wives. However, Andrew O’Clee cheats on his entire family. The first wife found out through a social media challenge.

As it turns out, Andrew is married to both, his first wife Michelle Agbulos and his second wife Philippa Campbell. However, neither of them knew about each other for the length of their marriages to O’Clee. Interestingly, the cheating husband was telling Michelle that he was in a witness protection program. Being so, he had to be taken to a safe house whenever he would leave for long periods of time.

Andrew got her to keep quiet about it all because he told her that she couldn’t tell anyone, not even her family. As a trusting wife, she agreed and believed O’Clee without question. However, according to Daily Mail, during the trial, she told the court as follows.

“Thinking back, as I do every single minute of every single day, I had no reason not to trust Andrew. I was told he would have to be taken to a safe house with his colleagues for his and my own safety. He was taken to a safe house every night and I wasn’t allowed to know the location.

I was told by him not to tell my family or friends. I became paranoid and constantly fearful for my safety. Looking back I feel completely stupid and naive for not thinking something was wrong. I believed my life was in danger.”

Before Andrew O’Clee was caught, he and Michelle had a baby — after years of trying. He was there to cut the umbilical. However, he had to leave shortly thereafter to return to his “safe house.”

Andrew’s second wife says that she’s not going to leave him, regardless of his actions. She states that O’Clee is still her husband, nevertheless. It was with her that the cheating husband was caught. Michelle happened to see a video on a social media site of him participating in an Ice Bucket Challenge. This is while he was supposedly at a safe house.

In the video’s caption, according to Daily Mail, it read, “Uncle Andrew and Auntie Philippa.” Also, as icing on the cake, the post was attached to evidence of O’Clee’s second wedding.

During the trial, Judge Christopher Parker told Andrew as follows.

“Bigamy is an offense against the institution of marriage, an institution founded on complete trust. This was simply a selfish act.”

The trial was held at Chichester Crown Court, in Chichester, United Kingdom, on April 15, 2015.

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[Photo Credits: LinkedIn]