Are Cyberbullies Making Iggy Azalea Depressed?

Are cyberbullies ruining Iggy Azalea’s life? KpopStarz reports that the Aussie rapper may have been run off of social media because she was subjected to cruel taunts by hundreds of trolls. In particular, the gossip rag speculates that an infamous freestyle video is what caused her to give up Twitter and Instagram.

A source reportedly close to the rapper told KpopStarz that Iggy’s feelings are hurt over the way she’s been treated on the internet by rude people.

“Iggy is in a lot of pain. She feels like her image is being torn to shreds and her entire life is spinning out of control.”

The “Beg For It” rapper rocketed through the charts with her hit “Fancy,” and several others. Along with the tidal wave of success she’s experienced, she has been targeted with a staggering amount of hate from other artists and their fans. Some of that hatred has been led by rival femcee Azealia Banks, who started calling Iggy “Igloo Australia” as a demeaning insult. Now the insulting nickname is used as an unofficial nickname for the Aussie rapper by numerous people.

Regardless of all the haters picking on Iggy, she does have a lot of fans. Why else would she have won a People’s Choice award, and why else would she have so many chart topping hits? People, in general, love Iggy Azalea’s pop rap style.

Haters on the internet have caused Iggy to cut back on interacting with her fans on social media, and some people may think that this is more damaging to her image than the haters that make fun of her continually.

Will Iggy Azalea stay on Twitter now that she’s come back? She’s already getting snarky with rude Twitter trolls and she’s only been back on social media for two days. Whatever she decides to do (stay or go), her fans will continue to support her and her haters will continue doing what they do.

[Photo: Instagram/Iggy Azalea]