‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Week-Long Event Now Live, Level Quicker With Double Experience

Empire and Republic players in Star Wars: The Old Republic will level a little quicker for the next week. The hybrid free-to-play MMO is currently operating with a double experience bonus for all players regardless of their free, premium, or subscription status. BioWare, the developer of the popular RPG, made the announcement on the game’s official Twitter account today.

Players will earn the extra experience by doing all their normal Star Wars: The Old Republic activities. Story missions, warzones, flashpoints, and everything else in the game will offer double experience until the week-long event ends. It is noted on the game’s official website that the event started on April 16 and will conclude on April 22. The double experience provided will stack with any boosts applied during the event as well.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Shadow of Revan
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Shadow of Revan

Characters at the current level cap of 60 can still benefit from the bonus. Legacy experience earned during the event will also be doubled letting players earn even more account upgrades for all their characters on the same server. Star Wars: The Old Republic players can earn even more bonus experience through the legacy system, too. Legacy perks for experience boosts are found in the Advancement section of the Legacy interface.

Star Wars: The Old Republic updated in December with the “Shadow of Revan” expansion. This is the content that extended the level cap to 60, expanded the universe with two new worlds, added new flashpoints and operations, and provided much more to those that purchased it. Players are even likely to encounter pirates within the content of “Shadow of Revan.”

“Travel to the tropical world of Rishi, a dangerous pirate haven at the edge of the galaxy, then continue your story on Yavin 4, home of the fearsome Massassi warriors!”

“Shadow of Revan” is $20 for players that wish to experience these new features. A purchase of “Shadow of Revan” includes the previous expansion, “Rise of the Hutt Cartel,” which raised the level cap from the original 50 to 55. Players do not have to purchase the expansion in order to play the base game, however.

In other Star Wars news, the Inquisitr reported on another major gaming release from Electronic Arts today. Star Wars: Battlefront will, according to leak found in the game’s website source code, release on November 17. This puts the game’s release just a month before the new Star Wars movie, Episode VII: The Force Awakens, premieres in December.

Do events like these encourage you to log in?

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