O.J. Simpson Update: Prison Officials Claim He Was Not Attacked

O.J. Simpson recently made headlines after another prisoner, who reportedly attacked the former NFL football player, was transferred to another prison. However, prison officials at the Nevada Department of Corrections are denying that the incident ever happened.

News 3 reports that prison officials stated that the accusations regarding Travis Waugh, an alleged member of the Aryan brotherhood, attacking Simpson are simply not true, and that Simpson is doing fine.

“Inmate Simpson has not been involved any incident as described. There has been no change in inmate Simpson’s status.”

In addition, Simpson’s attorney, Trish Palm, spoke on the matter, and backed up the prison officials’ story. Palm states that not only is the story untrue, but that her client is well-liked in the prison.

“O.J. gets along with everybody. He is not a problem inmate.”

According to the Inquisitr, the alleged attack happened last month, when Simpson reportedly didn’t want to wait in line to get his medication. Instead, he moved ahead of other prisoners who were waiting in front of him, which angered Waugh, an alleged white supremacist, serving time for a sex-related conviction.

Waugh reportedly spit on Simpson and demanded that he move back to his spot in line. When Simpson refused and taunted him, Waugh supposedly attacked him and threatened to kill him. The tattooed 51-year-old Vaughn was reportedly transferred to another prison before he had the chance to carry out his threats against Simpson.

Last month, the New York Post reported that Waugh, known to other inmates as “Blu,” screamed racial slurs at Simpson during the incident, while he pinned him against the wall.

“I am going to make it my mission to kill you n****r a**. You will not leave here alive. Do you hear me?!”

Despite the prison officials’ denial of the event, the Nevada Department of Corrections’ official website indicates the Waugh did indeed transfer to another prison facility. He is now being housed at Nevadas’ Warm Springs Correctional Center. Simpson remains at the Lovelock Correctional Center, in Lovelock, Nevada.

In 2013, O.J. Simpson, appearing unkempt and overweight, appeared in court to request a new trial for his 2008 conviction of armed robbery at Nevada’s Palace Station Hotel. Simpson was convicted on 10 charges for his part in the armed robbery, exactly 13 years after he was acquitted for the murder of his former wife, Nicole Simpson. Simpson’s request for a new trial was denied.

[Photos Courtesy of Pool/Getty Images and the Nevada Dept. of Corrections]