A Video Showing 1940s Women Working Out Is Going Viral On YouTube [Video]

These 21st century days, many people who venture online to view YouTube or Instagram videos of women and men working out will find tips about strength-training maneuvers, or discover the kinds of CrossFit moves that helped celebrities like Rick Ross lose weight, as reported by the Inquisitr.

However, it’s a video that shows women in another decade that’s going viral lately. Titled “Workout exercises for women in the 1940s”, the YouTube video has gained more than 23,400 views in the two days since it was uploaded on April 14. Perhaps it’s the wild machines shown gyrating women’s body parts around in their “exercise class” — along with the narrator’s funny voiceover phrases that has caused this new video from yesteryear to gain traction in 2015.

“Girls — it seems after you’ve helped to win the war, you’ll still have another battle on your hands, and legs and fingers. The battle of the bulges. And here are some of the latest mechanized units and maneuvers — or ‘woman-euvers.’ “

The fact that the viral video purports to show a “workout” routine for women as reported by WISH-TV‎ — but instead shows the women simply mostly standing still or laying on devices that do all the work is quite humorous for modern-day individuals to witness, especially in light of high intensity workout routines that feature lots of heavy weight lifting and kettle bell weight swings and the like.

“If you want to look like a sea nymph, you’ll board the streamliner, and away you’ll go to health and happiness. It curves you right.”

Indeed, the women in the 1940s era video all look slim and trim, but not much mention is made of their diets, which likely included plenty of eggs and peanut butter and such fare that was popular in the 1940s. The machines themselves look quite dangerous — what, with all that gyrating metal that looks like it could scar at any second.

“There’s a time and place for everything, but the tum isn’t the right place. Well, it all started with a rip and a rub, Eve certainly moves with the times — and she’s making sure her moves will be graceful ones. The battle of the bulge is still on.”

No doubt video footage unearthed like this will remain popular when discovered 75 years or so later, popped into a time traveled sort of space that finds itself viewed with interest by a 21st century people that are still seriously interested in fitness.

[Image via YouTube]