Ashley Pegram Update: Does Edward Bonilla Know What Happened To Missing Woman?

An arrest has been made in the search for Ashley Pegram, but she remains missing while authorities try to gather clues. ABC News 4 reports that 30-year-old Edward Bonilla has been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice associated with the investigation behind the woman’s disappearance. Detectives haven’t confirmed whether or not any other charges are pending against the man who was last seen with the missing woman.

Edward Bonilla reportedly misled people — including police — when he tried to indicate that he dropped off the missing woman the night she was last seen. He had claimed that she was intoxicated and he “kicked her out” of his car. The man even went as far as texting the missing woman’s phone with an “apology” for kicking him out of his car.

“Hope you made it home okay. Sorry I left you at the gas station.”

Now police say that surveillance footage shows a totally different story. It shows her at the gas station where he claims to have kicked her out of his vehicle, but instead of being left there by the man, they left the establishment together in his vehicle. They drove away together, according to CBS News, at around 1:00 a.m., the night she was last seen.

It’s been approximately two weeks since Ashley Pegram was last seen after meeting Edward Bonilla on the chat app Kik. He was the last person to see her before her mysterious disappearance, and has maintained his innocence. Now he sits behind bars while the public grows increasingly suspicious of his behavior — and even law enforcement officers have confirmed that they are investigating him for involvement in her disappearance. But where is Ashley?

Police have declared more than once that they suspect foul play in Ashley’s disappearance, which is a tragic development in her disappearance. Ashley is the young mother of three children who need her home with them. Her sister says her oldest child, who is a teenager, is going through a depressive time right now. Her loved ones have also told the media that Ashley has been struggling with depression since her boyfriend died in a traffic accident in the beginning of the year. She’s reportedly had a rough time coping with that, but her sister doesn’t think she would harm herself.

Ashley Pegram has been missing since April 3, and was last seen with Edward Bonilla in his 2005 blue Hyundai Sonata. He is currently sitting in jail, but can be released if he posts bond in the amount of $400,000.

[Photo: Dorchester Co. Sheriff mugshot of Edward Bonilla]