Byron Schlenker And His Daughter Have The ‘World’s Widest Tongues’ [Video]

Byron Schlenker and his daughter have the “world’s widest tongues,” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. InTouch Weekly reports that Schlenker, 57, had his wife measure his tongue just for fun when he saw that the record holder’s tongue measured 7.9 cm. He knew his tongue was wide, and after measuring in at 8.6 cm, he decided that he wanted to hold the record, so he took the proper steps to do so.

Now he is just enjoying his new-found fame.

“I get stopped by people at the grocery store or when I’m out in town to take a picture. I have had people come to my house to sign their record book. I even had one lady who asked me to lick her Guinness Book, which I politely declined. I’ve loved the attention so far. Most people are just surprised I can talk normally,” said Mr. Schlenker.

While he was at it, he decided to measure his daughter Emily’s tongue as well. The 14-year-old’s tongue is 7.3 cm wide, making her the female record holder in the same category. She, however, isn’t too thrilled with all the attention and would rather just do typical teenager stuff that doesn’t involve bragging about her tongue.

According to the New York Post, Mr. Schlenker says that some people make sexual comments after seeing his tongue, but he tries to keep things as clean as possible when discussing his “gift.”

“Some people attempt to go in a more mature direction with some of their questions in regard to my love life, but I am a father of three young ladies, so I tend to steer clear of answering those.”

The Guinness World of Records was in the news earlier this month when the World’s Oldest Woman passed away. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gertrude Weaver was 116-years-old and had just been given the title of “World’s Oldest Woman” five days before she died.

[Photo via YouTube]