‘Barter 6’ From Young Thug Leaks Early: Listen To Soundcloud Link Here


The mixtape named “Barter 6” has arrived from Young Thug, but before it even hit the web via various download links, including Barter 6 links on iTunes that currently state the music isn’t available in the United States, it was causing a heap of controversy. That’s because Young Thug had planned to call it “Tha Carter 6” or some other name that would position itself as the sequel to Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” mixtape. Warning: NSFW lyrics contained in “Barter 6” songs below.

On his “Thugger Thugger 1” Instagram account, the rapper explained in a video to his fans that he couldn’t name it “Carter 6” because of lawsuit threats.

“Can’t name the mixtape ‘Carter 6′ because these f*** a** n***** tryin’ to sue just like some h***.”

The same Instagram account proclaimed the release date of “Barter 6” being Friday, April 17. However, following suit after folks such as Tyler, The Creator, “Barter 6” has arrived a day early, and fans on Twitter are either giving it the thumbs up or down as they listen to the latest offering.

With T.I. appearing on “Barter 6,” as reported by MTV, fans would think that he understood Thugga’s mixtape naming logic, but T.I. reportedly called Young Thug himself to get clarification on why “Carter 6” or “Tha Carter 6” or even “Tha Carter VI” would appear prior to Lil Wayne even releasing “Tha Carter V,” and why from someone other than Lil Wayne, for that matter.

“I asked Thugga myself man. I said, ‘Ayeee, heey bro–What you doing? What’s going on? And he basically responded and said, ‘I’m doing it to pay homage. That’s my favorite rapper.’ That’s what he told me.”

For those who want to stream Young Thug’s new album, it’s been removed from SoundCloud, reported UPROXX, and a search on Spotify for Young Thug and “Barter 6” turned up no results for the 13 songs, including “Check,” whose official music video dropped on YouTube on April 15, and has garnered more than 4,000 views thus far. The “Stoner” rapper raps about putting crack in his crack and “four seasoning” fat women and other wild topics in the “Check” song.

“Barter 6” also features Boosie BadAzz and Cash Money co-founder Birdman — and the name change has thankfully meant that “Tha Carter 6” will likely not come out before “Tha Carter V” is released by Lil Wayne, who has been embroiled in his own controversies with his Birdman “Baby” former mentor.

[Image via Instagram]