'Botched' Star Creates Skin Care Line Just For 'High-Stress Consumers'

He was formerly a husband of one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but now Dr. Paul Nassif has got his own show and his own skin care line.

The renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and star of Botched is putting his expertise into a bottle to make available just for you. The skin care line, which launched on Tuesday of this week, is meant to "address the needs of high-stress consumers," according to E!.

In a statement on the product's website, NASSIF MD Skincare, the skin care line is explained.

"This skincare line addresses the Bio-Rhythmic changes that our skin experiences during the day versus the night, while also rapidly counteracting the negative effects that lack of sleep and busy lifestyles have on our skin. While specifically designed for stressful lifestyles, this radical new skincare line is exceptional for all consumers and skin types."
The skin care line, which is called NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare, is comprised of "three core products."

So, what are these skin care products and just what can they do for you?

The skin care line includes the Clock AM Day Serum, which is said to defend your skin "from environmental assault including UV radiation, to help shield the skin from hidden causes of premature aging, elasticity loss and wrinkles."

The skin care line also includes Clock PM Night Serum. This nighttime serum is meant to help "rejuvenation, detoxification and recovery of skin while we sleep."

The other core product is a necessary cleanser, the Dawn to Dusk Exfoliating Cleanser.

This will actually be the second skin care line for Dr. Nassif.

In 2012, the famed facial plastic surgeon created a skin care line with his then wife and Real Housewives star, Adrienne Maloof. Their combined effort created a skin care line that claimed it "repairs the DNA from the damage of things like the sun," according to Haute Living.

While the former couple's first skin care line, which was aptly called Adrienne Maloof by Drs. Paul Nassif & Ron Moy, no longer seems to be available, Nassif has higher hopes this time around.

When speaking with E!, Nassif commented on just why he created this line - because of the need he saw for it with his own clients.

"I see so many clients that get very little sleep and I recognized the need to create something that no other skincare specialist had created before."

Want to check out Dr. Paul Nassif's skin care for yourself? The skin care line is now available online at Nassifmdskincare.com.

[Photo Courtesy of Toovia]