Parrot Caused Crash: Owner Hurt, Car Damaged — Does Polly Say ‘I’m Sorry?’

Angel Holyfield apparently likes to bring along her pet parrot for a car ride. But on Tuesday, the Pennsylvania woman probably should’ve left her bird home. After the feathers settled, police determined the pet caused the crash.

However, Angel’s parrot didn’t intend to do any harm. It just likes to drink coffee, the Herald-Standard reported.

So, as the 35-year-old made her way to Uniontown Tuesday, her bird with her, she probably wasn’t surprised when it began to peck at the lid of her coffee cup, the Associated Press added.

Perhaps he was having trouble getting through the mid-afternoon slump and needed a pick-me-up.

Whatever the reason, Holyfield wanted to see what her parrot was up to, looked down at it and quickly crashed her Honda. Hence, police are confident the bird caused the crash.

The crash itself was fairly serious. She smashed into a guardrail and suffered a broken arm and cuts to her face – courtesy of the airbags. And her Accord was badly damaged: the front end took the brunt.

No worries about the parrot – it’s reportedly just fine. Police spotted the tell-tale signs that he’d indeed been in the vehicle at the time – bird feed in a cup holder and feathers strewn about the interior — which means the parrot certainly couldn’t deny that he at least partly caused the crash.

Holyfield won’t be charged; there really isn’t a law on the books prohibiting people from bringing their pet dogs, cats, gerbils, snakes, or parrots along for a ride.

No word after the crash on whether the poor parrot finally got its cup of coffee.

[Photo Courtesy Keith Tsuji/Getty Images]