Emma Watson Is Amazing, And Also Awesome

Emma Watson’s new job as ambassador for the UN Women’s He For She campaign is just one more amazing aspect of an amazing young woman. How young? Emma just turned 25 on April 15. Since her first appearance as Hermione at the age of 11, Emma has added awesome to amazing and shows no sign of slowing down.

After finishing the last Harry Potter movie, Emma took time to attend Brown University and earn a degree in English literature, Time reports. Since then, ‘Emma Watson’ has become a household name not only in Hollywood, but also on the international stage — of feminism, reports E! Online.

“The actress has been serving as an ambassador for the UN Women’s He For She campaign, and it’s given her the opportunity to show more and more of her passionate side. She started out with several admirable speeches on the importance of standing up for gender equality, and last week she took to Twitter to answer questions about the He For She campaign and provide some much-needed advice.

As can be expected, she knocked it out of the park.”

‘Elementary, my dear Watson!’ Didn’t we just say that Emma Watson is amazing?

Her new He For She campaign has a different slant from the usual feminism. Emma is actively encouraging men to be part of the gender equality movement instead of blaming them.

“But it aims to repackage the concept without emphasis on oppression by the male sex.

In fact Emma formally invited men — who may have previously felt alienated from the movement — to play a greater role in ending gender inequality.”

Watson has detractors, though. The haters came out in force after her speech, cutting Emma down for her outspoken attitudes. When the campaign first was launched last year, Time had some strong criticism for the star and her campaign.

“Noting that men suffer from sexism in their own ways, Watson asked, ‘How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation?’ Truer words were never spoken. Too bad they are belied by the campaign itself, which is called ‘HeForShe’ and asks men to pledge to ‘take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls’ but says nothing about problems affecting men and boys.”

But Emma has plenty of support out there in the twittersphere, and people are paying attention.

I don’t think the Emma Watson haters know who they’re dealing with. pic.twitter.com/yRk5uAR5IX

— Keir DuBois (@keirdubois) September 24, 2014

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