Drew Barker’s Bar Fight Video Shows Brawl Between Kentucky QB And EKU Players

Kentucky quarterback Drew Barker’s bar fight video shows the ensuing brawl between him and multiple EKU players at Jerzee’s Cocktail Lounge & Dance Club in Richmond. But the fighting was not quite over for Barker since he became entangled in yet another fight while at the EKU campus.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, police released a video of a deadly Walmart brawl that left one man dead, one man shot in the stomach, and a police officer a shot in the leg. The controversy over police shootings led one black man to release a video discussing issues of race and respect for officers.

Richmond police say that Eastern Kentucky University football player Colton Scurry threw the first punch during a bar fight with three University of Kentucky football players, including quarterback Drew Barker, wide receiver Dorian Baker, and defensive tackle Tymere Dubose. This incident occurred on January 25, 2015, but a open records requested resulted in the release of the above video.

Fortunately, according to the police report, Drew Barker’s bar fight video “made it apparent… that Mr. Scurry was the primary aggressor in the altercation. He entered into a crowd willingly (without any physical altercation) and threw a punch at an unidentified male.” The bar fight apparently started after an argument with a woman, where Scurry is “visibly upset at the female and was yelling or speaking passionately at/to her.” But when he went after the Kentucky football players he ended up losing badly.

“Barker stated during the altercation he reached over the top of Baker and struck Scurry two times,” the report said, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. Barker said after that Baker began giving uppercut strikes to Scurry. “Mr. Scurry stated he began falling forward and was grabbed by three to four subjects. Mr. Scurry stated these subjects began hitting him numerous times and at one point he was hit on the head and lost consciousness.”

Although Colton Scurry landed in Baptist Health Richmond with a broken nose and other facial fractures, a Madison grand jury declined to indict anyone involved with the bar fight.

But Drew Barker’s fight video does not end there. Later that same night, EKU defensive lineman Patrick Graffree went after Barker at Telford Hall on the EKU campus.

The video shows Graffree walking through the door only to remove his shirt and begin attacking an unsuspecting Barker, knocking him to the ground. The motive for the attack against Barker is believed to be related to an on-field skirmish involving Barker, not the bar fight.

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