‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady Searches For Kristen And His Baby

Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week reveal that Brady Black will be shocked when his girlfriend, Melanie Jonas, tells him she believes his ex-girlfriend, Theresa Donovan, really was pregnant, and that their baby is possibly out in the world somewhere. Of course, Brady isn’t going to sit around and speculate, he’s a man of action — and he’ll want to immediately start searching for his crazy ex-fiancée, Kristen, and his son, whom he unknowingly has named Christopher.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Brady will try everything to find Kristen and his son, and he’ll enlist the help of his rich and powerful grandfather, Victor Kiriakis. Victor hates Kristen as much as the next Salem resident, but he’s been in some dirty dealings lately, so he may drag his feet on helping his grandson find the woman that nearly destroyed his life and caused him to go into a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol abuse.

While Days of Our Lives fans know Brady Black is capable of going head to head with Kristen DiMera, the same can’t be said for Theresa Donovan and Melanie Jonas. Will the two women be able to endure the wrath of Kristen’s craziness and devotion to the little boy she has deluded herself in to believing is her own son with Brady?

Meanwhile, Brady’s father, John Black, will be dealing with his own paternity drama. John was recently revealed to be the father of Paul Norita, the former major league baseball player who caused a huge rift between Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton’s relationship, when Will decided to cheat on his husband with Paul.

The International Business Times reports that the other drama going on in Salem this week will be between JJ and Eve. It seems these two are either spewing their hatred for one another or having sex. Eve seems to be hiding some serious jealous feelings about her daughter Paige’s relationship with JJ, and this week JJ and Paige will make love for the first time. This means that when Paige finally finds out about her mother’s affair with her boyfriend, it will hurt even more.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, now that Daniel and Jennifer both know about the affair as well, the heat is only being turned up on JJ and Eve’s secret — and it seems like it all could explode in their faces at any moment, and lead them to lose the most important person in both of their lives: Paige.

[Image Credit: NBC]