Courtney Stodden Wardrobe Malfunction: Reality Star Exposes Breasts At Beach

Courtney Stodden suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the beach. The former teen bride was captured on film in a revealing bikini that was ready to fall off. Courtney was playing catch with an unknown friend until her bathing suit slipped down and exposed her breasts. Some are speculating whether or not the reality star really had a wardrobe malfunction.

TMZ was one of the first news sites to catch Stodden’s wardrobe malfunction. In fact, the photographers were already there to document it as it was happening. They caught her throwing a football at Marina del Rey on Monday, April 13. Stodden, 20, looked disappointed when her wardrobe malfunction didn’t happen as planned. TMZ claimed that since Stodden’s top didn’t slide down as planned, she jiggled it down so it would expose her breasts. She also faked embarrassment when her breasts were exposed, as she desperately tried to cover herself.

Courtney screamed: “Oh my God!!!” and quickly pulled her bathing suit top back up. The media is calling it a “nip slip,” seems trivial since Courtney nearly flashed everyone at the beach. There was even a mother ushering her child back to safety. You can check out Courtney’s wardrobe malfunction in the NSFW video at the TMZ website.


The Hollywood Gossip doesn’t think that Stodden’s wardrobe malfunction was purely accidental. The celebrity sip site believes the reality star got breast implants for a reason — to show them off. She admitted that she got her breasts enlarged by three cup sizes. Ever since her procedure, Stodden has appeared in several topless and nude photo shoots. The last time she was nude, it was for a cause. The Inquisitr previously reported that Stodden wore a bikini made out of lettuce to promote animal rights.

This also isn’t the first time that Courtney has been topless in public. In fact, she’s went skinny dipping in her own private pool. Of course, the former teen wife had to document it for her followers on Instagram. Courtney removed her bikini and went swimming naked in her pool. She included the caption: “A lil secret: I LOVE skinny dipping!” That’s much of a secret since Courtney obviously loves to show off her body.


Where is her husband, Doug Hutchinson? He wasn’t with her during her beach wardrobe malfunction. The on-again, off-again husband is reportedly living with Stodden. She’s talked about her wedded bliss on Instagram. Stodden and Hutchinson renewed their vows after their split. She realized how much she loved him and couldn’t live without him.

What are your thoughts on Courtney Stodden’s wardrobe malfunction? Do you think it was planned?

[Image: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for ‘bethenny,’ Courtney Stodden/Instagram]