Louis C.K. Sorry For Vulgar Sarah Palin Tweets, And Now The Pair May Go Fishing In Alaska

Five years ago, Louis C.K. posted some pretty harsh things to Sarah Palin on Twitter. And now, it looks like the comedian and the politician will be besties. For the first-time ever, Louis has said sorry for one of his jokes.

Those Tweets won’t be repeated here, but you can click this link to see Louis C.K.’s vulgar 5-year-old rant about Palin (warning: content may not be appropriate for all readers) that he is now sorry he ever posted. The jokes were evidently the result of alcohol consumption and a misunderstanding of how Twitter worked, he explained.

The apology took place backstage at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, the Hollywood Reporter explained. Both politician and comedian attended and crossed paths when her nephew, an aspiring comedian and Louis C.K. admirer, introduced the unlikely pair, People added. The comedian described the meeting in an interview with Howard Stern.

“Something came over me emotionally, and I said ‘well, I owe you an apology,’ I’ve never in a million years apologized for anything I’ve said. F**k anyone else who is offended. I don’t give a s**t.”

Palin – who has been the butt of many a comedian’s joke over the years – told People that Louis had to remind her what he was saying sorry for – and it turns out, she’d never read or heard about the nasty tweets. Nonetheless, Louis gave her a “nice, humble” apology.

“Then I teased him that, ‘If you really did say nasty things about me, well, then you’re the only person to have ever said mean things about me, so for shame!'”

Even though Palin is now aware that C.K. went on a Twitter rant about her, that he said sorry for the errant behavior has evidently made her a bit of a fan. Her comedian nephew has sent along some of Louis’ work (censoring the naughty bits first, most likely) and now, the politician calls him a “very funny talent.”

“I wish I could have spoken with him long. And again, I sincerely appreciated his unexpected and character-revealing apology. I think he’s the only one in Hollywood who’s ever (said sorry).”

She even went so far as to invite Louis C.K. out fishing. And for his part, he is ready to take her up on the offer “in a heartbeat.” Proving that it’s always best to say you’re sorry and to forgive.

[Photo CourtesyMonica Schippe/Getty Images]