Jenelle Evans: ‘If I Can Start From The Bottom And End Up Here…’

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is one of the primary reasons why the show has become such a big success. While some of the other stars of the show stepped up and became responsible mothers despite their ages, Jenelle often left town, stole her mother’s credit cards, and left her son Jace at home with her own mother.

But Jenelle Evans has been trying to prove to the world that she can be a responsible mother. In fact, Jenelle has returned to school, found a somewhat stable relationship, became a mother for the second time, and has managed to create a routine for herself that does not include getting drunk and taking naked pictures of herself.

According to a new OK Magazine report, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she is actually super proud of herself for everything she has done, even though some people would argue that she still has lots of work left ahead of her. Evans is still battling for custody of her first son Jace, and Jenelle was recently caught on camera wishing Nathan’s brother dead.

“I’m so proud of myself for how far I have come after everything I have went through!” Jenelle Evans has revealed about her schooling, adding that she’ll be graduating with her Medical Assistant’s degree in a few months.

And it sounds like Evans wants people to know that she could definitely be an inspiration for people. Of course, Jenelle has come a long way since fans first met her on 16 & Pregnant. Back then, Jenelle Evans was not ready to take responsibility of Jace, who was just a baby. Since then, Evans has been going to school, getting clean, and even became a mother for a second time. But during this time, she went through some rough relationships and she gained a long list of arrests and mug shots.

“And for all of U that was in my past situation(s)… If I can start from the bottom and end up here… so can u,” Jenelle Evans revealed in addition to her first statement.

Recently, Jenelle revealed that she was eager for a fresh start. And with a recent arrest and domestic abuse charge, it is no wonder that Jenelle wants to start over. According to the Inquisitr, Evans was recently spotted on vacation and some people assumed that Evans went away to Puerto Rico to marry Nathan. But Evans quickly squashed those rumors, claiming that she does not want to get married until 2016.

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