‘Find My Phone’ Google Search Will Find, Ring Or Lock Your Droid Phone – ‘How To Find A Lost Phone’ Also Works

For those on the #TeamApple bandwagon, their smartphones and other Apple devices have been privy to the “Find My iPhone” app for quite some time — an app that has allowed everyone from cheating husbands or wives to get caught, or help solve crimes. Now there’s a new way that Android users can get in on the phone fun easier, with Google Trends reporting that the search term “Find My Phone” received more than 50,000 searches on April 15.

That’s because a Google Plus post shared by Google the same day introduced the feature.

Droid lovers and curious #Team Apple people were apparently typing “Find My Phone” into Google to see how the whole process works, as reported by Lifehacker – which states how much trouble it was previously for Droid users to locate the bookmark to help them find their own phones. As such the “Find My Phone” Google search represents a much easier way to locate a misplaced phone, if the users are logged into their desktop computers or laptops.

Typing those words into a Google search bar or engine will help you discover your hidden phone, because Google will show you a map of where your misplaced device is located. The fact that Google is offering one more way to help users by tapping into sensors and trackers, as reported by ABC News, is a bonus for folks who’ve lost their Android devices at restaurants, in another house, or anywhere else those Droid phones could be hiding.

As iPhone users have discovered, expect some controversy to follow the “Find My Phone” searches on Google as folks use them to act as beacons, perhaps, like Karlie Redd did when the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star admitted to leaving her iPhone in her boyfriend’s car and using the “Find My iPhone” app to catch him cheating — a story that might be part of a fake storyline, as reported by the Inquisitr, when one of the reality TV show’s stars claimed it wasn’t a true reality show.

The Google search will only work if the Android device is turned on — and thusly, it can pinpoint the phone’s geographic location, which will show up right in the Google search engine results. Other searches such as “how to find a lost phone” work in a similar fashion. The change happened when the search engine giant acquired tools from the Android Device Manager to work via a Google search, as long as the Android users are logged into the exact Google accounts on their phones and laptops or PCs as they are their phones.

Not only will Google find your phone on a map, it gives you the option to ring the phone as well, to help Droid users instantly locate their beloved smartphones. Google gives the option to ring your phone at its loudest volume for five minutes, if necessary — all in an effort to help locate the lost phone quickly.

This “Find My Phone” feature only works for those users who’ve updated to the most recent Google app version on their Droid devices — and it can take about 30 seconds for Google to locate the phones via a search. It even includes the option to lock your phone remotely if you’d like, especially in cases whereby the Droid device might be far away or lost in nefarious circumstances. There’s also the “erase” option for extreme measures.

[Image via Google]