Chris Soules Says He’s The ‘Luckiest Guy In The World’ In Apology To Whitney

Bachelor star Chris Soules has been competing on Dancing with the Stars for quite some time and he has been surprising the judges with his performance. People may not have expected the farmer to do so well in the dancing competition, but Soules appears to have surprised even himself.

But Chris Soules has tremendous support. His future wife has been in the audience to support him every time, and even his sisters have been in the audience. Some former Bachelor stars, including Josh Murray, have also shown up to support the farmer on the dance floor. But the program is intense and this week, Chris ended up injured.

According to a new tweet, Chris Soules is now apologizing to Whitney for getting injured and the tweet he wrote as his apology is a rather interesting one.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world w/you by my side. I love you. Sorry you’ve got a fiancé w/a busted leg!” Chris Soules tweeted out this week after competing on Dancing with the Stars.

Soules, who got injured after dancing too much during rehearsals, is apologizing to Whitney Bischoff for being injured. Maybe he is slowing her down, but it does seem a bit odd that he is apologizing for getting injured. Soules has been sharing his journey during recovery and he recently posted a picture from the massage table.

Could really use some of that Disney magic for my calf. Hoping it can hang in there for #dwts

— Chris Soules (@C_Soules) April 15, 2015

But it is very interesting that Chris Soules is apologizing to his future wife, considering how things turned out with his dance partner, Witney Carson. Apparently, Chris snapped at her this week for pushing him too much, and his reaction actually left her in tears. The dramatic showdown was shown on Dancing with the Stars.

“Don’t argue with me. I’m telling you what it is and I can’t do any better. It’s not new to you. Clearly, you are a professional. I can’t do it your way. So stop it,” Chris Soules tells his dance partner Witney in a segment for Dancing with the Stars.

Even though Chris Soules apologized to Whitney this week, things appear to be great between them. According to the Inquisitr, Bischoff recently went back to the spot where she had her wedding-crashing date with Soules while filming The Bachelor.

What do you think of Chris Soules apologizing to his future wife?

[Image via CBS]