Ben & Jerry’s Beer: A ‘Delicious’ Beer That Comes With A Message

Just days after its annual Free Cone Day, the popular ice cream chain Ben & Jerry’s announced it will soon be getting into the beer business.

According to a press release, via Brewbound, Ben & Jerry’s will be partnering with New Belgium Brewery to release what is being called the Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. Details are scarce at the moment, but the beer is scheduled for release in the fall of this year.

Jenn Vervier, the director of sustainability for New Belgium Brewery, noted that even though there aren’t many details yet, the partnership with Ben & Jerry’s will also be a way for both groups to come together and campaign on environmental awareness.

“At this time I can confirm that Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium are collaborating to raise awareness around issues we are passionate about, and that the results will be delicious.”

The press release mentions that both companies are interested in some of the same issues such as “minimizing carbon pollution and supporting sustainable agriculture.” Both Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewery are labeled as Beneficial Corporations or “B Corporations,” which aim to meet specific standards on how their performance and transparency will not only reflect a positive image on the company, but also have an impact on the environment.

Jay Curley, the senior global marketing manager for Ben & Jerry’s, said the company is looking forward to the partnership.

“We’re big fans of New Belgium Brewery, their values, and their fun culture, and of course their beer. We’re excited for the campaign we’ve developed together. When two B Corps collaborate our fans can expect something both delicious and impactful.”

The reaction to the announcement of a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream-flavored beer has been somewhat mixed on Twitter. There are those who like the idea.

And there are some who aren’t too sure about the idea.

Would you be interested in trying a beer inspired by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

[Images via Twitter and Beer Street Journal]