Zoe Kravitz Battles Anorexia And Bulimia ‘Demons,’ Weighed 90 Pounds On Weight Loss Diet Of Vegetables And Clay [Video]

Zoe Kravitz played a woman trying to overcome both anorexia and bulimia for a film role. But at 90 pounds, she admits that the eating disorders she portrayed became almost addictive, reported Life & Style.

Although Zoe knew that she had battled eating disorders in the past, she went ahead and took the role. To lose 20 pounds, she consumed only vegetables and even sipped clay.

“Part of me didn’t want to gain the weight back, which was scary,” confessed Zoe, who is singer Lenny Kravitz’s daughter. “I was so thin that I wasn’t getting my period.”

That movie, The Road Within, resulted in compliments for Zoe, but because people were praising her at 90 pounds, she became even more upset.

“People were like, ‘You look so good!’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, that is disturbing.'”

So what’s next for the 26-year-old actress? She’s excited about two film roles, Mad Max: Fury Role and Insurgent. And she’s also into comedy.

“I’m dying to do comedy! Yeah, man, I think I’m pretty funny,” laughed Zoe. “There are so few roles that are written for rad, funny chicks. We gotta write our own.”

As for her health, Zoe also is focused on the future, she told Marie Claire. She feels that her eating disorders are firmly in the past. But at the same time, she’s honest about how the film The Road Within triggered her anorexic inclinations.

“I went through eating disorders in high school, so it triggered some old stuff,” admitted Zoe.

The young actress also is open in discussing body image concerns, reported Us Weekly. She links her eating disorder battle to growing up as the daughter of two celebrities, with Lisa Bonet as her mother.

“I don’t think it was about the fame, but I think it was definitely about being around that world, seeing that world. I felt pressured,” admitted Zoe. “My mother’s a…beautiful woman, and I think, in some way, I felt intimidated by that sometimes. [And] my dad dated a lot of supermodels.”

Taking on the role of Marie in The Road Within required losing weight, but now Zoe feels that she went too far in trying to portray a woman with an eating disorder.

“It was f–ked up, man. You could see my ribcage. I was just trying to lose more weight for the film, but I couldn’t see: ‘You’re there. Stop.’ It was scary. It made me not only confront my demons but also realize and accept an insecurity that’s still there, and [that it’s] easy to fall back into that pattern.”

In addition to the vegetables and clay, Zoe sipped tea. She also ran daily.

“Drinking pureed vegetables and tea, and running every day…I tried to do it in a healthy way, but it’s not a healthy thing to do — I would never tell anyone to lose that amount of weight and especially not that quickly,” she now says firmly.

As the Inquisitr reported, the “Rescue the Anorexia Girl” app recently opened up a dialog about eating disorders as health activists slammed Amazon for selling it. The online retailing giant finally removed the product.

[Photo By Rachel Murray/Getty Images for PANDORA Media]