‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Sneak Peak: Drama, Supernatural, And The Scariest Villains Yet

Teen Wolf is poised to be back for its fifth season, with an exciting new trailer released on Sunday at the 2015 MTV Awards Ceremony.

From the 20 seconds of fast-paced silhouettes and screams and a “The doctors will see you now” in the trailer, it seems that Teen Wolf’s season 5 is seeing a trio of new major villains. Movie Pilot also talks to Teen Wolf‘s writer and producer, Eric Wallace, who noted that this season is going to be the scariest one yet.

Writer and producer Jeff Davis reveals that Season 5 of Teen Wolf will be focusing on lead character Scott McCall, played by actor Tyler Posey, and how he will be holding out when his leadership gets tested and his pack is on the brink of falling apart. In a BuzzFeed Newsinterview with Davis that took place during a Teen Wolf set visit in California, he said that the big fear in season 5 is the issue of who is going to go away.

“Much of the previous seasons were about Scott finding and building a pack; this is going to see him possibly losing it — possibly ending up on his own without his friends by his side, wondering how he’s going to face life without them. Which is very similar to a teenager who has to go off to college and meet all new people. I think that’s a valid fear.”

There are also hints that Malia Hale, portrayed by actress Shelly Hennig, may be facing relationship struggles with Stiles Stilinksi, played by Dylan O’Brien, as she pursues her quest for the Desert Wolf. Actress Hollan Roden is also getting tested as Lydia Martin as Davis shares how the team recognizes her wit and versatility as an actress. The premiere episode of the season, Davis shares, will be about her.

Despite the excitement of fans over Teen Wolf‘s release, producers are wary that the season could become their last one due to the decline in the show’s ratings. In addition, Davis tells MTV that Tyler Hoechlin has decided to leave Teen Wolf.

“A couple months ago, Tyler Hoechlin came to me to discuss his experience shooting an indie baseball movie, and about how exciting and scary it was for him. I asked if he was ready to move on from Teen Wolf. He said he felt like he was at a point in his career where he wanted to try new things, things that scare him,” said Davis.

The fifth season of Teen Wolf is set to air on MTV this June.

[Image courtesy of Michael Tullberg/Getty Images]