WWE News: New England Patriots Star Tight End Rob Gronkowski On Working For WWE

WWE has always been known for bringing in celebrities over the years for random events. Whether it be WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown or a WWE PPV, WWE has always loved involving celebs in their show. WWE is entertainment first and foremost, which allows them go into the world of television and movies. However, they are a sport in some aspects, which allows for athletes to be part of the show. We’ve seen countless people come in because they’re just wanting to promote stuff, but we’ve also seen many come in because they’re fans of the WWE.

It’s often surprising who are fans of pro-wrestling out there. However, it is always fun to see because a fan can easily spot a fan. Now, it appears WWE might try to bring in a huge fan of WWE and well-known celebrity/athlete. New England Patriots star Tight End Rob Gronkowski is known for being the loudmouth party in a box that can run you over on the field and score better than any other at his position.

When Gronk plays, the Patriots usually find a way to win with him. This past season, Gronk and the Patriots won the Super Bowl, the NFL’s equivalent of the World Championship. This was the first Super Bowl win for Gronk. However, he doesn’t want to stop here. He may find himself in a WWE ring soon enough. He and WWE NXT performer Mojo Rawley are good friends and Gronk has been known to attend WWE NXT shows to see him among the other great matches on the card.

Recently, the two of them teased a future tag team in WWE when they posed for pictures together claiming such. Gronk spoke with FOX Sports about this.

“My boy Mojo Rawley is in the WWE’s NXT and he just got back from an injury, so he’s about to start amping it up again and he’s doing a great job. He’s my boy and he’s killing it. I love watching him. We were just chilling and we cut a promo together and we had a blast. I can definitely see something in the future. Hopefully Mojo Rawley starts wrestling a lot and starts doing what he has to do and makes it to “Monday Night Raw”, if my boy is there, I’m there for an appearance.”

Gronk claimed that he’d be open to managing, wrestling, or in his words “all of it” when it comes to what WWE may want from him in the future.

We could very well see him involved with WWE NXT one day, which would be interesting. WWE continues to tell people that NXT is no longer a developmental institution, which is cool to see. However, if it is not…why not have celebs join NXT off and on as well? Especially someone like Gronk who is a big fan of the product.

It would also be cool to actually see the “brand” part of WWE NXT become a reality. Gronk could help with that, which is strange to say out loud, but very true.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]