Kendall Jenner Wasn’t At Coachella Nylon Party, Didn’t Call Justin Bieber ‘A Douchebag’

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner’s years-long friendship totally unraveled during their visit to the Coachella Festival in Indio, California, this past weekend. That is, if you believe In Touch Weekly.

The outlet — which is routinely called out by watchdog website Gossip Cop for allegedly fabricating reports — claim the in-demand model thinks Justin is a “douchebag” and left the festival “crying.”

The tabloid claims Kendall’s nose was put out of joint by Justin’s alleged flirting after they went to Nylon magazine’s Midnight Garden Party on a private estate in Bermuda Dunes, on Friday, April 10.

According to In Touch, the Biebs partied with Chris Brown at the bash and was allegedly spotted “grinding” on model Josie Canseco. The magazine claims Kendall was at the party and got upset because she is the Biebs’ “girlfriend.”

In Touch claimed Jenner was outraged at being treated “like a hanger-on” and “left crying, saying ‘Justin’s a d-bag,'” amid the sight of Bieber bringing “girl after girl to his room.”

That’s quite a story.

As it turns out – that’s all it is. An insider connected to both Justin and Kendall’s circle tells the Inquisitr, “Kendall did not attend Nylon’s party,” adding that the pair’s friendship is “just fine.” We were also told Jenner left Coachella before day three for work purposes.

Responding to our inquiry about the alleged “girl after girl to his room” and “grinding” parts of In Touch’s story, our source said Bieber didn’t act inappropriately at the bash and “didn’t have a room.” The insider also described the “girl after girl” claim as “absolutely not true.”

Given that People magazine, E! News, and Page Six, all previously confirmed that Kendall was not at Nylon’s Midnight Garden bash, it’s bizarre that In Touch claimed that the model and singer fell out at the event.

Until one realizes the site is well known for contradictory and nonsensical claims.

Justin Bieber 'Threw Fit' Over Underage Kendall Jenner's Denied Entry To Coachella Neon Carnival?
(Photo: Justin Bieber and Kendall pictured at the Coachella Festival on Saturday, April 11)

In E! News’ less sensationalist report, the outlet previously reported Justin’s attendance at the Nylon bash was a short one and he was seen talking to Chris Brown and Kylie Jenner at the soiree.

“No girls with Justin,” a source confided to E! “He came with a small crew of about three guys. Kylie showed up with a group of girlfriends. They didn’t stay long.”

While the Biebs’ attendance at Nylon wasn’t out of the ordinary and didn’t lead to a rift with Kendall, the singer’s Coachella experience did get dramatic on the following nights.

Justin Bieber, Chris Brown
(Photo: Justin Bieber and Chris Brown at the Nylon Midnight party on Friday, April 10)

After unsuccessfully trying to persuade a security team to let the underage Kendall into 21-and-over Neon Carnival party early Saturday, TMZ reports the heartthrob was placed in a chokehold by festival security on Sunday after arguing about being denied entry to the VIP artists area during Drake’s show.

It’s also been claimed that Bieber was pushed by a male onlooker who attempted to take a pic of the singer. Two guys alleged on Twitter that Justin threw water onto a female festival security guard before the alleged chokehold.

However, an eyewitness claimed Justin simply moved the water bottle to one side after it was allegedly put in his face by the guard and didn’t throw water on anyone.

In the end Bieber was told to leave the festival is said to be considering legal action, TMZ reports.

To recap: Kendall did not attend Nylon’s party and does not think Justin is a “d-bag.”

On Tuesday, the model retweeted a lip-sync clip of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” single, which Kendall features in with Bieber and a lineup of stars. In addition, our source said that In Touch’s claim of Bieber’s alleged impropriety at Nylon’s bash is “absolutely not true.”

It’s worth noting neither Bieber or Jenner have said they are dating, and the current frenzy about the pair kicked off after the rumor mill overreacted to the Canadian’s post of a cozy snap of the two on Instagram.

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