Norman Reedus’ Tongue Isn’t As Promiscuous As You Thought: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Talks Licking Fetish

Norman Reedus recently shared some sad news with Walking Dead fans who want his saliva to slowly drip down their faces. According to the actor, he only places his moonshine-tinged tongue on the cheeks of close friends and coworkers. Apparently, he shares Daryl Dixon’s “Stranger danger!” mentality when it comes to getting up close and personal with random Walking Dead fans.

During a recent interview, Norman Reedus revealed that the reports of his licking fetish are greatly exaggerated. PEOPLE talked to the actor at the the Endometriosis Foundation of America’s 7th Annual Blossom Ball in NYC. In the picture above, he poses with fellow attendee, Top Chef Padma Lakshmi. Norman stated that he and Padma are good pals, so she’s lucky that she didn’t get licked.

“The licking thing, that got way blown out of proportion, I’ll be honest,” Reedus told PEOPLE. “I do lick people from time to time, and they asked me to stop licking people, but I don’t lick strangers — I lick people I know.”

Below is evidence of Norman Reedus’ claim. As you can see, he’s licking Walking Dead costar Melissa McBride (swoon away, Caryl shippers).

Even though Norman has a strict no-slobbering-on-strangers policy, some Walking Dead fans continue to ask the actor to slather his spit on their cheeks. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Norman recently told talk show host Conan O’Brien about some of the weirdest requests he gets from his riot-ready fans. According to the actor, dads have creeped him out by asking him to lick their daughters. Or maybe these contenders for the father-of-the-year award actually ask him to “reedus” their daughters — according to Urban Dictionary, Norman’s last name can be used as a verb.

“Reedus (verb): to lick someone’s face. Created because of actor Norman Reedus’s penchant for licking people’s faces.

‘He’s so fine I just want to reedus him.’

‘He reedused me and it was so hot.'”

After learning the sad truth about Norman Reedus’ licking habits, PEOPLE got a bit more serious by asking the actor why he supports women’s causes like the Endometriosis Foundation of America and the movement to make breastfeeding in public more socially acceptable. According to Reedus, he does it because the women in his family are such positive role models.

“I was raised with women, strong women, and my sister’s a real strong, positive woman. My mother ran an orphanage in Kurdistan, and she’s taught school in Harlem and the Bronx. She’s always been a tough woman and you know, I do what I can.”

If Norman Reedus’ mom doesn’t already sound amazing enough to you, get this — Entertainmentwise reports that his mom is a Caryl shipper! And judging from the text conversation below, she doesn’t just want Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier to hook up on The Walking Dead — she obviously wants her son to ask Melissa McBride out.

Norman Reedus Mom Messages

Norm and Mel (Normel?) do make a very cute couple in the licking photo above.

Are you saddened to learn that Norman Reedus probably won’t lick your sweaty mug if you’re ever lucky enough to meet him in person?

[Image credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty]