Father In India Selling Kidney For Treatment Of Morbidly Obese Children


Three young children living in Gujarat, western India eat enough food in one month to feed two families. Thought to be suffering from a genetic condition known as Prader Willi Syndrome, which causes a constant desire to eat, local doctors have no idea how to treat the children, and they need specialist help.

In the meantime, five-year-old Yogita Rameshbhai Nandwana, Anisha, three, and 18-month-old brother Harsh are constantly hungry. The children weigh 34kg, 48kg and 15kg respectively.

According to the Mirror Online, their father, Rameshbhai Nandwana, 34, is so desperate to get treatment for his morbidly obese children that he plans to sell a kidney to get enough money together for treatment from top specialists in the field.

He said people have offered help, but it isn’t just about the amount of food they eat, he is worried about the terrible effect on their health of carrying so much weight.

“A few social workers have come forward to help but it’s not just about the food. If my kids continue to grow at this rapid rate they will have major health issues. We’re terrified they will die. I am ready to sell my kidneys if the money can help in their treatment.”

According to the family, the youngest child drinks eight glasses of milk a day, while sisters Yogita and Anisha eat 2kg of rice, five packets of biscuits, six packets of potato chips, a dozen bananas, a liter of milk, three bowls of broth and eight chapatis (a type of Indian bread) between them each day.

The Daily Mail notes that the constant and uncontrollable hunger forces their mother Pragna Ben, 30, to be in the kitchen all day, trying to handle their massive appetites.

“My day starts with making 30 chapatis and one kilogram of vegetable curry in the morning. After that I am again in the kitchen preparing more food. It never stops – their hunger never stops. They demand food all the time and cry and scream if they’re not fed. I am always in the kitchen cooking for them.”

The couple do have another older daughter, Bhavika, aged six, who is of an average weight and they cannot understand how all three of the other children should be so morbidly obese.

Rameshbhai said they only realized there was a problem when Harsh was born and gained weight far too quickly during the first year. It was then that doctors suspected that the children were suffering from Prader Willi Syndrome.

The children’s father earns only Rs 3000 ($52) a month, but struggles to buy enough food for his family. There is nothing left over for the type of medical treatment the children need.

“We started looking for medical help and consulted many doctors but they would just refer us to bigger hospitals that I couldn’t afford… I’m constantly worried about finding the money to feed my continually hungry children.”

So far, Rameshbhai has spent Rs 50,000 ($800) on doctors and various forms of medical treatment without success.

“As parents, it pains us immensely to see them unable to move. They cannot walk; they cannot do anything on their own. Selling my kidney is a desperate measure but I’m now desperate to get the right help for my children.”

Their mother, Pragna, struggles to care for them, as she is unable to pick them up. They need her help bathing and using the toilet, but she herself only weighs 40kg, making it impossible to pick the children up. She added that the children are unable to go to school and have to remain in the same place pretty much all day.

“All they do all day is eat and play and giggle with each other. I want my daughters to get an education and play like other kids. I want them to have a life. This is no life.”

Dr. Akshay Mandavia is a Consulting Pediatrician at Mandavis Childrens Hospital in Gujarat. After examining the children, he said that there is an abnormal accumulation of fat in the children.

“They’re not able to breathe properly, and they wheeze. Their condition could be due to endocrinal disease or Prader Willi Syndrome but we can only ascertain the right treatment after a proper diagnosis at one of our top hospitals.”

Now Rameshbhai hopes to be able to sell one of his kidneys in an effort to get the treatment the three morbidly obese children desperately need.

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