Two Men Found Guilty Of Murdering Friend, Neill Buchel, Then Hacking Body Into Ten Pieces Condemned To Life In Prison

Two men – Elvis Kwiatkowski and Chas Quye, both 36 – are now facing a life sentence after they were convicted of murdering their friend, Neill Buchel, 39, – father of two – and hacking him into 10 pieces, according to Daily Mail.

While a fisherman was walking near White Hart Lakes in Dagenham on April 1, 2013, – just three months after Buchel went missing – he stopped when he noticed something on the ground that looked like a dead fish. After poking it with a stick and getting a closer look, the fisherman noticed it was a human body part.

When investigators arrived at the scene, they concluded that it was a human thigh. Nine more human body parts were found at the lake after investigating the area.

It was later concluded that the nine body parts found near the lake belonged to Buchel.

Kwiatkowski and Quye were arrested and charged with murder, but both suspects denied that they had anything to do with Buchel’s death.

A medical examiner said that Buchel appeared to have died from blunt force trauma before being hacked into ten pieces.

Police officials believe that something went awry during the Jacka** stunt the men were executing, which resulted in Buchel’s death. To get rid of the body, they hacked it into ten pieces and threw it into the lake.

“Buchel was rendered virtually helpless by drink and was a very soft target for the brutal and cowardly attack at the hands of those who professed to be his friends,” said Prosecutor Sally O’Neill.

“Disposing of the body would have been bad enough but what makes this part so much more serious is that you desecrated Neill Buchel’s body by dismembering it.”

The Jacka** stunt was captured on camera by 42-year-old Scott ‘Gary’ Hunt, 42, who was found gulty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, according to The Mirror.

When Kwiatkowski and Quye stood trial, the video was played in court, and Justice Spencer had to warn the jury about the graphic images. “Steel yourselves for watching something unpleasant, but no more unpleasant than one sees on television in its extreme form these days.”

The video showed an intoxicated Buchel pouring chili on his genitals, setting his pubic hairs on fire, and doing other “degrading and humiliating” acts. Kwiatkowski and Quye are seen laughing uncontrollably, then suddenly one of them shoots Buchel with a BB gun.

However, that wasn’t the first time Kwiatkowski and Quye had tortured their friend. Buchel’s wife Sharon told the court that on December 3, 2013, – just weeks after the couple separated – her husband was badly beaten by his friends.

“He looked terrible. He looked like somebody from Star Wars. His head was swollen like a watermelon…his eyeballs were bleeding,” she said.

“He had no eyebrows. His eyelashes had been singed. Some of his goatee was missing, it had been burnt off. He had a sheet wrapped around him, which was covered in blood.He just looked at me. I started crying… I dropped to my knees. What have they done to you? He was trying to talk but some blood was coming from his mouth.”

Detective Chris Jones said, “Neill Buchel was murdered at the hands of people he trusted and believed were his friends. His death and subsequent treatment of his body have left all who knew him completely devastated.”

Kwiatkowski and Quye was found guilty of murdering Buchel and was sentence to life in prison.

[Image courtesy of Drpavloff/Flickr]