Did Louis Tomlinson Really Respond To Larry Stylinson Coke Ad?

Is Louis Tomlinson finally starting to embrace Larry Stylinson shippers, or is the One Direction singer’s recent photo just a coincidence?

Yahoo! Celebrity UK recently suggested that Louis Tomlinson was trying to show the Larry shippers a little love whenever he posted the Instagram photo below. As you can see, there’s a bottle of Coca-Cola sitting beside Louis in the right-hand corner of the picture.

Louis Tomlinson Coke Bottle

Yahoo! Celebrity speculates that the barely-visible Coke bottle is a cheeky little shout-out to an Argentinian Coca-Cola advertisement starring Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles look-alikes. Many One Direction fans believe that the commercial is an obvious reference to Larry Stylinson, the name One Direction fans have given to the fictional coupling of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Larry shippers believe that the friends are involved in a secret gay relationship, and they used to swear up and down that Louis and ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder weren’t a real couple.

Some Larry Stylinson shippers think that the One Direction song “Clouds” is about Harry and Louis’ secret relationship, and it just happens to be the 1D tune that plays in the video below. The ad shows a Louis look-alike getting laughed at by what appears to be a school talent show crowd after he sings just a wee bit off-key. Luckily, a Harry look-like saves the day by finishing off his Coke and using the empty bottle as a musical instrument. This inspires the Louis doppelganger to power through his 1D ballad, and the commercial ends with a big Larry hug.

Larry Stylinson shippers quickly proceeded to freak out about the ad on Twitter.


— Tammy (@uraweezardharry) April 9, 2015

Because the ad features a One Direction song, it’s possible that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles had to sign off on it. However, it’s a stretch to say that Louis’ Coke photo was an endorsement of Larry — he might be drinking a Coke simply because he likes the soda brand. Back in 2012, Entertainmentwise shared the photo below that shows Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder wearing their love for the fizzy stuff.

Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder Coca Cola PJs

It’s possible that Louis Tomlinson isn’t letting the Larry shippers get to him as much now that he and Eleanor have broken up, and maybe he doesn’t mind that Larry conspiracy theorists were dancing in their tweets as soon as they heard the news that “Elounor” was over. However, Louis has shown very little love for Larry shippers in the past. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he told them that their claims were disrespectful to his girlfriend, and he said that they were hurting his friendship with Harry Styles. Louis even labeled the gay rumors “the biggest load of bulls**t.”

Do you think the Coke commercial and Instagram photo are evidence that Louis Tomlinson has finally accepted Larry shippers as part of the One Direction fandom, or is this just wishful thinking on the part of loyal Larry fans?

[Images via Instagram, Brendon Thorne/Getty Images.]