Ditch the Lexus for a bus with first class goodness

There is a new bus service starting up that will connect Marin County, San Francisco and San Jose but this isn’t your city transit type of service. In an effort to get people out of their high end cars for that commute back and forth to work Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation will be using the same tricked out rides normally used for corporate clients.

These are buses with padded leather seats, television screens, free Wi-Fi and power plugs for laptops, not to mention the having coffee and breakfast available for purchase and served by a ride host. As well you can get that war and fuzzy feeling about helping out the environment as the buses use biofuels and drivers are trained in green driving skills. Of course all this green goodness doesn’t come cheap but at $8.20 one way it probably works out cheaper that hauling yourself around in that Lexus or Mercedes.

Bauer is banking on the buses’ amenities and atmosphere. The kind of customer his company is targeting, he says, isn’t interested in the utilitarian buses and trains of existing mass-transit systems. In addition, Wi-Drive goes places that Caltrain and BART don’t, such as Larkspur.

Right now, those people are driving to work, Bauer said, with their cars adding a little bit every day to global warming. If he can fill each 52-seat bus with former car commuters, each bus will prevent 1,310 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year, he said.

Source: SFGate.com

I wonder if they ever find gum under the seats?