Leonie Granger: Woman Lures Man To His Death In ‘Honey Trap’ Scheme

Leonie Granger, part of a “honey trap” scheme, convinced a 56-year-old professional gambler that she was interested in a relationship. Unknowingly, he was lured to his death.

Leonie had two other accomplices working with her. She did the seductive work, and after bringing the man close enough, Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler did the physical work. However, it seems as though this was a robbery-gone-bad. Instead of taking the man’s money and leaving, Granger’s accomplices stomped the man to death.

The professional gambler’s name was Mehmet Hassan. Leonie, while baiting him, allowed him to wine and dine her as much as he liked. According to Daily Mail, Hassan often bragged to his friends and was flashy about having Granger on his arm. While intrigued by this young woman, Mehmet possibly didn’t suspect what was ahead at the end of the road.

“On the night of the murder, Mr Hassan had taken Granger to the top Mayfair restaurant Nobu before going on to the Palm Beach Casino nearby where he gave her £1,000 in cash to gamble with. Dressed in a strapless top, tight-fitting black trousers, high heels and a large gold necklace, Granger was spotted by a casino worker kissing Hassan ‘passionately’ and she told the pair to ‘get a room’.

Later, he took her back to his Islington flat, where she made her excuses and left in a taxi — but not before letting in her boyfriend Jackson and his friend Chandler, who were poised to strike outside. The two men tied up Mr. Hassan in his bedroom with parcel tape then kicked him to death and ransacked his home as they searched for his stash of cash.”

CCTV also caught Leonie Granger and Mehmet Hassan together at the hotel’s front desk. A video shows evidence that she was with him that night.

As can be seen, Hassan signs them into the casin0-hotel while together. Nevertheless, Granger can be seen in the video with her accomplices, practically, revelling in the mischievous rewards from her participation in the “honey trap” scheme.

However, remorsefully, she did admit that she wasn’t a part of the murder plot. Leonie mentioned that once she let her boyfriend into Hassan’s place, he was standing outside with a man she didn’t know — the second accomplice, Chandler. Police actually had to rush him to the floor because he made a scene in the courtroom while Hassan’s family was giving acknowledging last words.

They have all been found guilty — Leonie of manslaughter and her accomplices of murder. Likewise, they all will receive lengthy imprisonment sentences on April 28.

[Photo Credits: Twitter]