‘Arrow’ Season 3 Spoilers: What Is Next After The Shocking Exit?

Arrow fans had to deal with a huge shock on Wednesday night’s episode. Team Arrow said good-bye to one of their own. At the end of the last episode, Roy Harper stood up and took the fall for Oliver when he claimed to be the Arrow. The consequences for that heroic act happened on this week’s Arrow episode titled “Broken Arrow.”

According to an interview with the producers shared by BuzzFeed, the exit of Colton Haynes, who played Roy Harper, was planned from the start. They knew when they signed his contract that he would leave during Arrow Season 3. They planned his exit arc from the start of the season.

Greg Berlanti spoke about the exit of Roy Harper from the series with BuzzFeed.

“We knew based on what had happened last season. Roy has struggled with guilt after killing a policeman. In saving Oliver, he sees a chance to absolve himself. Hopefully it was surprising for the audience as some thought for a moment that he might die.”

Andrew Kreisberg and Stephen Amell both posted to their Twitter accounts after Arrow aired on the east coast.

One of Amell’s tweets referenced an earlier post he made on his Twitter account.

A big good-bye had been teased by the actor following a night of filming in early March, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Many speculated that they would see Felicity die on an episode this season. Fans now know that is not the case.

Does that mean Felicity is safe? No one on Team Arrow is ever completely safe. There are some big changes coming during the remaining episodes of Arrow Season 3.

Greg Berlanti teased some of what is to come during the remaining episodes of Arrow this season in an interview with Deadline.

“It’s always affecting the show when one character is moving on to the great beyond. That allows the show to grow and change, with the state of loss providing stakes. The end of this season is very much a punctuation mark on the first three seasons. Third season will feel like the end of a trilogy, with elements and pieces coming together. We are heading into a big, epic, climactic battle, and I’m not not going to give away who is going to make it. Everything will be changed after this season.”

Will fans see Roy Harper again? That is entirely open. Colton Haynes and those involved with the show wanted to make sure that Roy could pop up on Arrow or any of the related shows on CW. Roy’s exit not only sets up the rest of Arrow Season 3, but it will also have an impact on Season 4.

Berlanti has hinted that Oliver might actually take over the League of Assassins. Those involved with the show have made it clear that the finale will change everything about the show.

Marc Guggenheim teased some about the challenges that Team Arrow will face as the series continues into Season 4.

“It’s going to be really challenging for Team Arrow. First the loss of Roy and there is more stuff coming for the remaining threesome of Oliver, Diggle [David Ramsey], and Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] that is not going to get neatly resolved by the end of the year. We shot a scene last night where Diggle [David Ramsey] talks about the hurt feelings and broken trust. That will resonate not only through the remaining episodes of the season, but into Season 4.”

The cast of Arrow is filming the Season 3 finale this this week. In fact, a special set was built just for the finale. Guggenheim shared a photo of the special set on Wednesday.

What do you think? Are you shocked that Colton Haynes has departed Arrow?

[Photo: Arrow CW Facebook]