Man Shoots Down Drone Flying Over His House — But Is It A Publicity Stunt? [Video]

“I get an anonymous phone call on my answering machine, ‘Hey, get rid of your eyesore sign or you won’t have any privacy.’ “

That Kickstarter campaign is named Big Yellow House Organic Lemons: Citrus farm in California. by Breaux, and according to the funding page, Larry has only managed to garner nine supporters for a total of $432 raised thus far, towards a total $60,000 goal — but he has 36 days to go — so perhaps with all of his newfound fame, the potential viral publicity stunt could work in his favor.

“Citrus farm to produce organic lemons on 2 acres in Valencia, CA. Teach and increase awareness about growing & producing organically.”

According to Larry, he did not shoot down his own drone, despite the fact that similar-looking drone footage taken from a drone flying above his house exists on his Kickstarter funding page.

If anything, Breaux can be credited with having a unique way of building publicity. However, if the whole melee of shooting down a drone above his house is based on a lie, that fib may not engender many folks to want to donate to his Kickstarter campaign — and could bring a serious lesson in discharging a firearm’s bullets into the sky.

As reported by the Inquisitr, drones have been helpful in a series of projects as of late — from helping protect poached and endangered animals, to causing a bunch of mystery when drones were spotted in Paris flying near the Eiffel Tower.

[Image via Breaux video]