Man Shoots Down Drone Flying Over His House — But Is It A Publicity Stunt? [Video]

Shot down drone

Drones are all the rage, either being praised for their potential to get people their future Amazon deliveries within 30 minutes — or being pummeled due to the privacy concerns they raise, along with the potential danger they can represent to both people and planes. That’s why the below video is going viral, which appears at the onset to be a man named Larry Breaux getting fed up with a drone flying over his house and property — and shows him taking out a gun and shooting the drone.

As the video shows amazing footage from both the drone itself, and cell phone video of Breaux shooting the drone from the ground level, as reported by Inside Edition, questions begin to be raised about why Larry decided to shoot down the drone hovering over his home in Valencia, California, especially when Breaux explains to the publication that he received a threat prior to the drone’s arrival from whom he believes was a neighbor, telling him to remove his Kickstarter campaign sign in his yard.

“I get an anonymous phone call on my answering machine, ‘Hey, get rid of your eyesore sign or you won’t have any privacy.’ “

That Kickstarter campaign is named Big Yellow House Organic Lemons: Citrus farm in California. by Breaux, and according to the funding page, Larry has only managed to garner nine supporters for a total of $432 raised thus far, towards a total $60,000 goal — but he has 36 days to go — so perhaps with all of his newfound fame, the potential viral publicity stunt could work in his favor.

“Citrus farm to produce organic lemons on 2 acres in Valencia, CA. Teach and increase awareness about growing & producing organically.”

According to Larry, he did not shoot down his own drone, despite the fact that similar-looking drone footage taken from a drone flying above his house exists on his Kickstarter funding page.

If anything, Breaux can be credited with having a unique way of building publicity. However, if the whole melee of shooting down a drone above his house is based on a lie, that fib may not engender many folks to want to donate to his Kickstarter campaign — and could bring a serious lesson in discharging a firearm’s bullets into the sky.

As reported by the Inquisitr, drones have been helpful in a series of projects as of late — from helping protect poached and endangered animals, to causing a bunch of mystery when drones were spotted in Paris flying near the Eiffel Tower.

[Image via Breaux video]