Karen Buckley: Missing Glasgow Student’s Body Possibly Found On Farm

Missing person cases, like Karen Buckley’s, are rarely easy. Yet, the search comes to an end for this Glasgow student, as her remains were possibly found.

The 24-year-old student had been missing for the last three days. Concerned for Buckley’s well-being, her parents most recently flew in from Dublin to help conduct the search. Once arrived, they spoke of how this behavior was so “out of character” for Karen. Concerned for their child, they were desperate for her safe return. Unfortunately, this may not be a possibility.

According to Sky News, human remains have been found.

“Human remains have been found on a farm north of Glasgow by officers searching for missing student Karen Buckley. Formal identification has yet to take place but police believe they may be those of the missing 24-year-old. Her relatives have been informed of the discovery on the outskirts of Milngavie.”

At the moment, a key suspect in the investigation is the last person with whom Karen was seen. His name is Alexander Pacteau. Buckley met him at a nightclub the evening before she went missing. Pacteau says that he hadn’t seen her since that night. However, though they met at the club, Karen ended up going back to his place to spend the night. Yet, according to Daily Mail, he mentions that — after the two engaged in intimacy — Buckley left around 4 a.m., presumably with a safe ride home.

The news medium also mentions that police authorities “aren’t really” treating Alexander as a suspect. However, as is mentioned in the report, CCTV revealed that Karen and the man left the nightclub around 1 a.m. If what he’s saying is true, Buckley would have only spent plus or minus two hours at his place, depending on how long it took to reach his flat.

For this reason, police began to turn their focuses toward the farm in Stirlingshire countryside. Since authorities had picked up the pace with Karen’s search, they’d added forensic teams and divers, as well as canine units to sniff out any possible clues via land. According to the Daily Record, the man’s mother agreed with the stated time that Buckley left.

“As you can tell by the police reports, he is not a suspect. She left his property at four o’clock in the morning and she was seen by other witnesses, not Alexander. So he is not a suspect.”

The sources also stated that someone other than police authorities found Karen’s black purse she had with her that night. Buckley’s friends have said that she told them she was going to the restroom and never took her coat. Moreover, though she had a drink, she wasn’t drunk when she left them.

Was really hoping that wouldn’t be the outcome on Karen Buckley thoughts go to family n friends. — Nicolé Abraham (@nicoleabraham) April 16, 2015

[Photo Credits: Dan Kitwood | Getty Images]