Young Man Takes Drastic Action After Adult Site Freezes On Laptop As Mother Walks Upstairs, Immediately Regrets Decision

A stricken young man who was viewing an adult video website and then heard his mother walking upstairs took the rather drastic action of breaking his computer in order to escape the potentially embarrassing situation.

The Twitter user @DenzelMichaelUK recalled this rather amusing story to his followers, which many individuals will be able to relate to. You can check out the damage below.

But rather than simply amusing his own followers, Denzel Michael UK’s message soon started to go viral, and it has since been re-tweeted an astonishing 8,804 times and favorited 7,085 times in just over 3 days.

Denzel Michael was instantly bombarded with advice on how he should have handled the situation.

@DenzelMichaelUk admitted that he decided to take this course of action without thinking clearly, as he explained, “yeah wasn’t thinking at the time, rather broken screen than mum catching me.”

His then added to the lie he told his mother with, “[made] up a story of something dropping on it, can’t explain why I’m on PornHub.”

@DenzelMichaelUk was shocked to see his message rise in popularity in the hours following his posting.

@DenzelMichaelUk because of this tweet, you became famous in Turkey bro.

— Mustafa Civelek (@theMstafaCivelk) April 14, 2015

Meanwhile, the adult video website has also looked to capitalize on the success of this viral message by offering their loyal user a brand new PC.

[Image via The Recycler]