Kim And Kyle Richards’ ‘RHOBH’ Feud Explained

Kim and Kyle Richards’ Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feud has been playing out for the last several months on Bravo, and finally, fans are getting to the bottom of their issues.

“Kim takes issue with Kyle because she feels as if Kyle has thrown her under the bus too many times,” a source revealed to Us Weekly on April 15.

According to the source, Kim and Kyle have been feuding on and off for years, but during season 5 of the Bravo reality show, things took a horrible turn for the worse — starting at the poker party of Eileen Davidson. During the party, Kim was acting loopy and out-of-character, which prompted concern in sister Kyle.

Kim has struggled with drug addiction for many years, as fans of the show have seen, and seeing this behavior led many to believe the worse. However, Kyle approached the situation with care, taking Kim aside and asking her if she was okay. At that point, Kim admitted to taking a prescription pain killer, which had been given to her cancer-stricken ex-husband, Monty Brinson (a major no-no for addicts).

Although Kim and Kyle didn’t exchange many words after Kim’s admission, mainly because of Kim’s early exit from the party, their feud was only beginning.

As the source explained, Kim felt Kyle should have handled the poker night situation better.

“[Kim feels Kyle] cares more about doing a ‘scene’ for the show and creating drama more than their actual relationship.”

In addition to their poker night issue, Kim and Kyle remain at odds over Kim’s dog’s attack on Alexia Umansky, one of Kyle’s four daughters.

“Kim is still furious about [the Kingsley situation], because she thinks it’s Kyle’s fault [for making a big deal out of it]. She just wants Kyle to have her back.”

Kyle, on the other hand, feels she deserves an apology, and understandably so (her daughter was hospitalized and required multiple surgeries after the attack). As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim has taken no responsibility for the dog’s attack, and, according to Radar Online, feels it was Umansky’s fault she was bit.

“Kim will never change. Her behavior is so bad. She alienates everyone, and everyone has tried to help her.”

Kim and Kyle Richards have starred on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills together for five seasons as full-time wives. No word yet on a possible sixth season of the show, or on Kim and Kyle’s potential return.

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