Where Is Alma Del Real? Indiana Woman Missing Since Sunday

Authorities in South Bend, Indiana, are looking for 22-year-old Alma Del Real. The missing woman was last seen on Sunday, April 12, at around 3:30 a.m., but she has not been seen or heard from since, and her loved ones are worried about her safety. WNDU News reports that authorities are expressing disappointment toward the loved ones of the missing woman, after they've failed to call them with information that could have been useful in the investigation. This case is shaping up to be a mess, and she hasn't even been missing a week. Meanwhile, authorities don't appear to have any clue as to where she may be.

Police officials in South Bend reportedly told the media that they are getting information that's been circulating on social media (such as Facebook and Twitter). They've addressed the situation in an update on the WNDU website.

"Several pieces of helpful information that were discussed amongst Alma's friends via social media could have moved the investigation forward had police received the messages first-hand in a timely manner."
That information isn't being clarified in media reports, and no trace of the discussions could be found while searching for it on Facebook. However, there appears to be a lot of discussion about the case on Twitter. In fact, the police are actively using Twitter to look for answers in her case. So are the woman's friends and family members.

Alma Del Real was reportedly dropped off at her home by a friend after they left Studio Rumba 305. Circumstances surrounding these details haven't been fully clarified, but Missing Persons of America reports that it doesn't appear that she ever slept in her home that night. Captain Phil Trent with the SBPD says that her bed was not slept in and her pickup truck was still parked by her house.

Right now, her loved ones are hoping that this disappearance is the result of a mistake, and she will be found. They are holding on to hope that she will be found soon, but is it possible that Alma Del Real has fallen victim to foul play? If so, the SBPD will get to the bottom of this.

[Photo: South Bend Police/Alma Del Real]